Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast a watershed moment for gender equality

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are a watershed moment for gender equality in sport.

They will mark the first time in the history of major multi-sports festivals that there will be an equal number of men and women's medal events.

Boxer Alexis Pritchard, a 2014 Glasgow medallist, has been fighting gender bias her whole career.

"There has definitely, in the past, been the idea of what am I doing in a boxing ring, I'm a female, I shouldn't be in there," Pritchard told Newshub.

New Zealand's Commonwealth Games boss Kereyn Smith believes the Gold Coast event will break the gender barriers that have existed for too long.

"If you don't have equal numbers of events like we have here, we won't have equal participation," she told Newshub.

"What we are seeing here is our team is about 48 percent female and 53 percent male, so it's pretty balanced."

Smith told Newshub that this edition of the Commonwealth Games presents an opportunity for reporters and fans to discuss athletes' performances - not who someone is married to.

"It's about who they are and what they are achieving,' Smith said.

"It's not about somebody who might be around them, which is nice. At that time and that moment, it's about their time to shine."

Gold Coast will see 133 men's and women's events each.