Commonwealth Games: Janine Southby has to fall on her sword - Jenny-May Clarkson

The Silver Ferns will head back to New Zealand without a Commonwealth Games medal for the first time since netball was introduced in 1998 - and their coach shouldn't survive, according to a former national representative.

New Zealand was outclassed 60-55 by Jamaica in the bronze medal match - a fourth tournament loss for Janine Southby's side.

The former Southern Steel coach now has a 51 percent winning record since replacing Wai Taumanu as coach two-years ago.

Losses in the Gold Coast to Australia, Jamaica, England and Malawi have the knives out for Southby, with former Silver Fern Jenny-May Clarkson among them.

"[Janine Southby] is a good person, but if we look at her as a professional, in her position, you have to say it is untenable," Clarkson told Andrew Gourdie and John Day on RadioLIVE.

"Janine has done her best, but it just hasn't been good enough."

Clarkson told Sunday Sport there is only one person who Netball New Zealand should consider for the role. There will be a review into the disastrous campaign in May, with a decision on who takes charge of the Silver Ferns leading up to next year's World Cup due a short time later.

Clarkson has called for the powers that be to send an SOS call out to Noeline Taurua.

"This will take time, but ultimately you have to look at someone like Noeline to take on the brave job of coaching the Silver Ferns and returning them to the top," she said.

Clarkson believes the players when they say they are hurting from their recent poor performances.

After the loss to Jamaica, captain Katrina Grant said it was going to be hard to recover from the devastation of coming home empty-handed.

"This is really hard," she explained courtside. "We hope we can pick ourselves up.

"There needs to be massive review to figure out where it has all gone wrong and we all need to be a part of that process.

"At the moment, we are a team of 12 and we are doing the best we can. Maria [Folau] and I are trying to lead from the front, and do everything we can.

"This group of women are amazing - they have put everything on the line. We love this game, we love playing it, we love training and we love being with each other. "

Clarkson told RadioLIVE that she expected more from this side, given the great record New Zealand holds at major tournaments.

"I didn't expect them not to medal. I guess there is such pride and determination in the Silver Ferns dress over history that I wouldn't have thought they would come away with nothing.

"It does hurt. We have all been part of that special privilege to wear the Silver Fern, but my thoughts go to that team and these girls.

"They tried everything they possibly could but they were outgunned four times in the tournament. They are the ones that will shoulder the burden of this team being the worst performing side at the Commonwealth Games.

"This will haunt them for a long time to come."

Speaking to Newshub minutes after their campaign ended, Southby was non-committal on her future.

"I'm not saying anything at this stage," she said.

"I think it's important we go through the review process and make sure the learnings are made, and that going forward, the Ferns are in a strong place from everything that we have learned."

England stunned Australia in the gold medal match, netting a goal on the last play of the game to win 52-51.