Commonwealth Games: Kiwis in Action, April 6 (Day Two)

  • 06/04/2018

All you need to know about day two of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

For a full day one recap, click here 

The full list of NZ athletes in action on Friday April 6, is:


10:00pm - NZ men v Nigeria              

Beach Volleyball 

12:30pm - NZ (Ben and Sam O'Dea) v Cyprus             


3:32pm - David Nyika (91kg) v Yakita Aska (Antigua and Barbuda)  

10:02pm - Patrick Mailata (over 91kg) v Mitchell Barton (Scotland)  

Cycling - Track

3:02pm - Emma Cumming, Liv Podmore, Natasha Hansen (women's sprint qualifications) 

3:24pm - Bryony Botha, Ellesse Andrews, Kirstie James (3000m women's individual pursuit qualifications) 

5:15pm - Dylan Kennett, Jared Gray, Nick Kergozou (4000m men's individual pursuit qualifications)              

9:02pm - Bradly Knipe, Sam Webster, Eddie Dawkins (men's keirin heat)   

Gymnastics - Artistic

1:39pm - Stella Ashcroft (women's artistic gymnastics qualifying)  


1:32pm - NZ men v Canada            

Black Sticks in action against Scotland.
Black Sticks in action against Scotland. Photo credit: Photosport

6:32pm - NZ women v Ghana         

Lawn Bowls   

11:00am - Jo Edwards (women's singles) vs Katherine Rednall          

11:00am - Ali Forsyth, Mike Nagy, Paul Girdler (men's triples) vs Niue           

2:00pm - Jo Edwards (women's singles) vs Litia Tikoisuva  

2:00pm - Ali Forsyth, Mike Nagy, Paul Girdler (men's triples) vs Canada

4:00pm - David Stallard, Sue Curran (para B2/B3 mixed pairs) 

6:00pm - Katelyn Inch, Mandy Boyd, Tayla Bruce, Val Smith (women's fours)          

6:00pm - Blake Signal, Shannon McIlroy (men's pairs)        

9:00pm - Barry Winks, Bruce Wakefield, Mark Noble (B6/B7/B8 open triples)          


3:00pm - NZ v Wales          


12:30-4:30pm - Men's, women's singles preliminaries. Joelle King, Amanda Landers- Murphy          

6:00-9:30pm - Men's, women's singles preliminaries. Paul Coll, Campbell Grayson, Evan Williams    


12:31pm - Matthew Stanley (men's 200m freestyle heat) (final 9:56pm)           

12:50pm - Laticia Transom (women's 50m freestyle heat) (semis from 22:12)             

1:18pm - Bobbi Gichard (women's 100m backstroke heat) (semis from 22:55)         

1:32pm - Lewis Clareburt, Bradlee Ashby (men's 400m individual medley heat) (final 11:17pm)             

1:47pm - Tupou Neiufi (women's 100m backstroke para S9 heat) (final 10:43pm)         

1:52pm - Chris Arbuthnott and Jesse Reynolds (men's 100m freestyle para S9 heat) (final 10:49pm)    

2:26pm - NZ men (4x100m freestyle heat)               

9:37pm - Sam Perry, Daniel Hunter (men's 50m butterfly final)       

11:36pm - Corey Main (men's 100m backstroke final)            


11:42am - Pip Patterson (women's 53kg final)          

4:12pm - Vester Villalon (men's 69kg final)               

8:42pm - Alethea Boon (women's 58kg final)