Commonwealth Games: As it happened, April 10 (Day Six)


11:55pm: Well, not as eventful as yesterday but another good day for New Zealand. Bond and Villumsen took home the bronze and silver medals, while Ratcliffe was no doubt the star for the Kiwis of day six, winning gold in the hammer throw. Thank you for joining us.

11:54pm: Mailata has progressed to the semi-finals with a win over his opponent in the men's +91kgs. A guarenteed medal for New Zealand.

11:52pm: Not to be for the Kiwis. They finish sixth with Australia taking gold, followed by Canada and Wales. New Zealand do set a National Record though.

11:47pm: New Zealand set to get underway in the women's 4 x 100m medley relay final.

11:45pm: What an effort by the Kiwi. She's in tears after the effort.  

11:36pm: Ratcliffe's done it! She's won gold in the hammer throw! She held off an Australia pair to go won better than she did in Glasgow four years. Incredible effort.

11:31pm: Oh wow! Ratcliffe's gone big here. She's just extended her lead with a throw of 69.94m. 

11:24pm: Ratcliffe's fourth throw of 68.56m is just short of her best so far, but she still holds the lead. Looking really good for the Kiwi.

11:19pm: Kiwi boxer Patrick Mailata about to square off with Northern Ireland's Stephen McMonagle in the men's +91kgs quarterfinals. 

11:08pm: And that's it, New Zealand duo of Shaunna Polley and Kelsie Wills bow out of the women's beach volleyball quarters. Cyprus just too good, winning the second set 21-17.

11:06pm: Ratcliffe's third throw of 68.14m can't beat her previous, but she still holds the lead.

11:05pm: New Zealand women's triple haven beaten Jersey 23-8 in the triples section B. 

10:55pm: Cyprus up 10-8 against New Zealand in the second set of the women's beach volleyball quarters. 

10:53pm: Ratcliffe currently in the lead in the hammer throw. She threw 68.60 on her second attempt.

10:51pm: So close for Reynolds! He's had to settle for fourth and it's a one,two, three finish for Australia. The Kiwis was .21 seconds off a bronze medal. Arbuthnott finished seventh.

10:47pm: Jesse Reynolds and Chris Arbuthnott all set to get underway in men's S9 backstroke final.

10:42pm: Cyprus are up 17-8 against our Kiwi duo in the women's beach volleyball quarters.

10:38pm: We're just about ready for the women's hammer final featuring our very own Julia Ratcliffe.

10:32pm: NZ volleyball duo Shaunna Polley and Kelsie Wills are up against Cyprus with a spot in the semi-finals up for grabs.

10:21pm: Larkin from Australia took out the gold medal. Was a great race by Ashby, but just couldn't hang on.

10:20pm: Ashby finishes fifth. He led with one lap to go but couldn't keep up the pace in the freestyle. Clareburt was back in eighth

10:15pm: Lewis Clareburt and Bradlee Ashby are all set for the men's 200m individual medley final. Let's go New Zealand!

10:13pm: New Zealand will play Australia in the semi-finals on Friday. Huge game.

10:12pm: Tall Ferns beat Mozambique 79-63. Pretty comfortable in the end, but the African nation showed fight.

10:11pm: Leroy Hindley has gone down 0-5 to Aidan Walsh. A heavy defeat for the Kiwi. But a great effort to make it to the quarters.

10:09pm: Tall Ferns retake control now. They lead 77-61 with just over a minute left.

10:02pm: Leroy Hindley about to square off with Northern Island's Aidan Walsh in the men's 69kg Quarterfinal.

10:00pm: Mozambique in the middle of bit of comeback now. Tall Ferns lead 66-54 with just over four minutes remaining.

9:45pm: NZ ft. Coll and Campbell currently up 1 game to love against St. Vincent are up 4-0 in the second.

9:42pm: Carina Doyle finishes eighth with Australia's Arianne Titmus the winner.

9:39pm: Tall Ferns up 52-33 against Mozambique in the third quarter.

9:37pm: Carina Doyle in the women's 400m freestyle right now - She's a bit far back from the pack.

9:15pm: Tall Ferns lead 41-26 after two quarters. All too easy for our girls.

9:06pm: New Zealand about to take on Jersey in the lawn bowls women's triple section b.

9:03pm: We're into the second quarter and New Zealand have raced to a 30-15 lead.

8:54pm: Mozambique starting to find bit of a flow. Tall Ferns still right on top though with a 18-7 lead after the first quarter.

8:40pm: Tall Ferns take an early 10-0 lead. Just too good so far for their African opponents.

8:27pm: The winner will play Australia in the semi-final.

8:25pm: Tall Ferns also about to get underway against Mozambique.

8:17pm: And that's match. The Kiwi pair dominate the second game to win the match. Easy as.

8:15pm: They've have taken the first game against Malta, 11-6, and lead 9-6 up in the second.

8:05pm: Amanda Landers-Murphy and Zac Millar set to take on Malta in a mixed doubles pool match. Coll and Campbell in action later on in their doubles match against St Vincent.

7:37pm: Game, set, match. New Zealand beat Trinidad & Tobaga 2 sets to love, 21-15, 21-14 and will go through to the semi-finals.

7:35pm: New Zealand up 17-11 now. They're closing it out.

7:32pm: New Zealand men's beach volleyball currently up 12-10 in the second set against Trinidad and Tobago. They won the first set 21-15

7:16pm - Also coming up tonight:

Volleyball: Kelsie Wills and Shaunna Polley will challenge Cyprus in the quarter-final at 10.30pm.

Athletics: Julia Ratcliffe will compete in the women's hammer final at 10.40pm.

Swimming: Chris Arbuthnott and Jesse Reynolds will swim in the men's S9 backstroke final at 10.47pm. 

Boxing: Patrick Mailata will fight Northern Ireland's Stephen McMonagle in the men's 91kg quarter-final at 11.17. 

7:03pm - New Zealand siting on 4 equal with Trinadad and Tobago in beach volleyball. 

7:00pm - Coming up tonight at the games we have:

- Volleyball: Kiwis Ben and Sam O'Dea will challenge Trinidad and Tobago in the men's quarterfinal at 7pm. 

- Squash: 8pm will see Amanda Landers-Murphy and Zac Millar face Malta in a pool match.

- Basketball: The Tall Ferns face Mozambique in the women's qualifying final at 8.30.

- Swimming: The women's 400m freestyle final will see Carina Doyle fight for a medal at 9:37pm. This will be followed by Bradlee Ashby and Lewis Clareburt in the men's 200m individual medley final at 10.15.

5:40pm - Silver for Villumsen on 36:03! Gold for Garfoot who finishes 54 seconds faster than Villumsen. English rider Hayley Simmonds looking at bronze. Buchanan finishes 5th on 37:39. More on the race here. 

5:30pm - Villumsen sitting about 14 seconds behind leader Garfoot. 

5:22pm - Kiwi rider Linda Villumsen is sitting in second place behind Australian rider Katrin Garfoot. Buchanan sitting in fifith, 49 seconds behind Garfoot. 

5:15pm - The women's cycling time trial is well and truly underway with Kiwi rider Rushlee Buchanan carrying a 34 second lead at the 10.8km mark. 

4:17pm - Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has said her injury from last nights lift has likely ended her career. 


4:08pm - The lawn bowls women's pair have comfortably beaten Tonga 29-6 in Round 3. 

4:04pm - The New Zealand mixed doubles squash team have beaten Papua New Guinea 2-0 in a Pool A match. 

4:01pm - Kiwi runner Joseph Millar has finished 2nd in the Men's 200m heat 7 with a time of 21:10. 

3:58pm - Lawn bowler Rory McIlroy has been defeated by England's Robert Paxton 21-18. 

3:28pm - McIllroy falling behind in bowls with England leading 19-15. 

3:27pm - The squash mixed doubles team have fallen to England in 1-2 in a Pool G match. 

3:19pm - Shooter Ryan Taylor has finished 5th in the Men's 50m prone rifle final with a score of 184.1 

3:17 - Also in lawn bowls the Women's Pairs Sectional Play are smashing Tonga 19-2. 

3:16 - England sit ahead of Kiwi lawn bowler Rory McIlroy with score of 16-15. 

3:09 - Singles gold medal squash winner Joelle King has lost her first doubles pool match against Malaysia with partner Amanda Landers-Murphy.

3:07 - In the shooting the NZ Men's fullbore pair have finished 5th with a score of 581-50v. 

3:04 - The men's Black Sticks have beaten Scotland 5-2 in their penultimate pool match. Superb campaign for the boys so far. They challenge Australia tomorrow in their pool match. 

2:52pm - Kiwi boxer David Nyika is celebrating another Commonwealth Games medal, after his quarter-final rival did not show for Tuesday's weigh-in.

Nyika, 22, the reigning 91kg champion from Glasgow four years ago, was scheduled to fight an opponent from Cameroon, but progressed without stepping into the ring.

2:35pm - And that's a bronze for Hamish Bond. A phenomenal performance for the 32-year-old considering his recent transition to the sport. More on his ride here.  

2:32pm - Hat-trick for Kane Russell in hockey. Black Sticks dominating 4-1 over Scotland in third quarter. 

2:29pm - Australian Cameron Meyer now in the lead with 48.13 finish. Best Bond can now hope for bronze. 

2:26pm Tanfield finishes two seconds quicker than Bond! Bond officially out of gold medal race. 

2:21pm - Men's Blacksticks lead 3-1 over Scotland at halftime. Two goals from Kane Russell and a single from Jared Panchia. 

2:18pm - Boxer Alexis Pritchard will head to the semifinals after beating Sri Lankan Keshani Hansika in the Women's 57kg category. 

2:12pm - Hurdler Cameron French finishes in 6th in the 400m hurdles heat. 

2:06pm - Men's Black Sticks lead Scotland 2-0 in second period. 

1:55pm - In fact, Bond has now dropped to seventh fastest through the first checkpoint, with Aussie Cameron Meyer the new pacesetter, 44 seconds faster.

And James Oram, the second Kiwi, is also a second faster than Bond through 10.8km.

1:52pm - Out on the road, Harry Tanfield has taken over from his younger brother as the quickest through the first checkpoint, 18 seconds faster than Kiwi Hamish Bond. Let's see howhe handles that hill.

1:32pm - The men's Black Sticks take the turf to face Scotland. The boys will look to continue their form after beating South Africa 6-0 on Sunday. 

1:26pm - Swimmer Bradlee Ashby finishes 1st in heat 2 of Men's 200m Individual Medley with phenomenal time of 2:00:57. 

1:21pm - Swimmer Lewis Clareburt finishes 3rd in heat 1 of Men's 200m Individual Medley. The 18-year-old should be pleased with finish of 2:01:33. 

1:17pm - Bond finishes to lead race with phenomenal time of 48:45! 50 seconds faster than second placed Scotson. Second wave of riders head off. 

1:15pm - Despite having a flat tire earlier, Australian Scotson finishes race on 49:35.

1:11pm - Exhausted English rider Tanfield finishes ride on 50:42. Australian Scotson 42 second ahead of Tanfield at 33.9km mark. 

1:04pm - Swimmers Chris Arbuthnott and Jesse Reynolds finish Men's S9 100m Backstroke heat 1 in 7th and 4th respectively. 

12:59pm - Bond powers up hill with sweat dripping off his face. 

12:55pm - Brad Mathas makes men's 800m final after finishing 1:46:32 in his heat. 

12:53pm - Plenty more riders to come and Bond still not at halfway. 

12:51pm - Bond leads race on 22.34! Up 15 seconds of Tanfield at 17 kilometre mark. 

12:47pm -  Motorbike gets in way of Bond at foot of hill!  

12:43pm - Back to cycling, Hamish Bond sits nine seconds behind race leader Tanfield at 10km mark. 21-year-old Tanfield took gold in the 4000 metre individual pursuit in Brisbane. 

12:41pm - Brad Mathas finishes 4th in Men's 800m heat 1 with time of 1:46:32. 

12:40pm - Shannon McIlroy beats Kenya 21-10 in the men's singles lawn bowls. 

12:34pm - Bond looking powerful and confident on two wheels. English cyclist Charlie Tanfield quickest through 10km checkpoint. 

12:32pm - And Bond is off! The 32-year-old rower turned cyclist will attempt to prove his two wheeled prowess on this 38 kilometre course. So far commentators appear impressed.

12:10pm - Kenya catching McIllroy as he leads 11-9 in men's singles lawn bowls. 

12:01pm - Hamish Bond to race in Road Time Trial at 12:28 NZT. 

11:56am - McIlroy on 11-5. 

11:48am - Shannon McIlroy leads Kenya 11-3 in the men's singles lawn bowls. 

11:21am - McIlory is up 5-1 early over his Kenyan opponent.

Coming up in half an hour, James Oram and Hamish Bond will line up for the road cycling time trial. Bond is 28th rider of 61 entrants, so he will have a chance to set an early benchmark for some of the other favoured competitors.

11:12am - First up this morning, world bowls champion Shannon McIlory will continue his singles campaign after wins in the opening two rounds yesterday. He's playing Cephas Kimani from Kenya.

Also shooter Ryan Taylor is in qualifying action for the 50m rifle prone event. 

10:30am - Kia ora, good morning ... welcome to another day of action at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

We're struggling to recover from a successful night across the board, with weightlifting, swimming, athletics and squash adding to our gold medal haul.

We're currently sitting on eight gold/nine silver/six bronze, but after last night's embarrassment of riches, medals may be harder to come by today.

Our road cyclists are probably our best chance of success in the men's and women's time trial, where Linda Villumsen is defendering champion. Also Julia Ratcliffe in the hammer thrown later this evening - she was silver medallist four years ago.

But elsewhere, we should have a few more medal contenders emerging through quarter-final and semi-final rounds in boxing and beach volleyball, and our squash exponents head into doubles format.

Here's how we line up today.