Commonwealth Games: As it happened, April 11 (Day Seven)

  • 11/04/2018

11:22pm: So, a quiet day for New Zealand. But we did win a medal in the form of boxer Tasmyn Benny, who won bronze in the women's 48kgs. While a host of others guarenteed medals with semi-final qualification. Day eight promises to be another great day of action with none other than Dame Valerie Adams making her Gold Coast debut.

11:08pm: Not to be for the Kiwi. He finishes sixth. Not good enough to advance to the final. 

11:06pm: Alright, seconds away now. He's probably in the more favourable of the three semi-final match-ups.

11:02pm: Right, we're just about ready. Millar with a chance to progress to the 200m final.

10:55pm: Not far from Joseph Millar's 200m semi-final. He's in the third race, with the second about to get underway.

10:45pm: Malaysia have taken out their men's doubles clash against New Zealand. They won the second game 11-10 in a tight affair. Great showing by the Kiwis.

10:44pm: Great news from the netball. Malawi couldn't beat Wales by 70, so the Silver Ferns have qualified for the semi-finals.

10:36pm: Malaysia coming back into it now. They're up 10-8 against New Zealand in the men's doubles.

10:30pm: Canada lead NZ 14-10 after 11 ends in the women's triples quarterfinal, while the Kiwis lead the North Americans 14-10 after 10 in the men's four round 4 match-up.

10:24pm: New Zealand continue to fight hard. They're up 5-3 in the second game. Great effort from the underdogs.

10:15pm: Malaysia have taken the first game against New Zealand 11-9 in their men's double pool match in the squash.

10:10pm: NZ's mixed doubles have beaten Jamaica in badminton's round of 32 two sets to one. 

10:08pm: Women's triple trail Canada 11-9 after 9 ends. Canada on top of the Kiwis at the moment.

10:06pm: Men's four trailing Canada 9-8 after 7 ends.

9:50pm: New Zealand mixed doubles team are 1-0 up on Jamaica in their round of 32 match. They're leading in the second game of the best-of-three match.

9:38pm: Canada in control now, leading 7-4 after five ends.

9:26pm: Canada now up 3-2. New Zealand have let slip a 2-0 lead.

9:14pm: The women's triple are locked at 2-all against Canada in their lawn bowls quaterfinal match-up.

9:12pm: Malawi have kicked-off their game against Wales, needing a minimum 70-goal win to knock the Silver Ferns out. They lead 12-7 in the first quarter.

8:44pm: Almost forgot, The women's triples are up against Canada in the quarterfinals at 9pm.

8:36pm: Fairly quiet tonight on the Gold Coast. The men's fours have beaten Papua New Guinea 20-12 in the lawn bowls. Next up is the mixed doubles in the badminton round of 32 against Jamaica.

8:00pm: So the Black Sticks will play England in the semi-finals, and Australia will take on India.

7:58pm: Not to be. New Zealand fought until the every end but Australia come out on top 2-1.

7:55pm: It's taken five penalty corners, but New Zealand have their goal! Is there enough time? Just over a minute left.

7:51pm: Oh no, Australia take a 2-0 lead now deep into the final quarter. Looking like game over here for NZ.

7:41pm: So it's a straight sets win for Canada over the O'Dea brothers. New Zealand will play England tomorrow for the bronze.

7:38pm: End of the third quarter and Australia hold a  narrow 1-0 lead. 

7:34pm: The Black Sticks have wasted a few golden chances now. Two consecutive penalty corners resulting in nothing.

7:33pm: Canada fighting back and showing great strength at the net. They lead 13-10 in the second set.

7:29pm: Ben O'Dea with a great block and it's 9-6 to New Zealand.

7:27pm: O'Dea showing immense fight in the second set. They're up 6-5.

7:21pm: We're underway in the third quarter of the men's Black Sticks vs Australia. The hosts still just one goal up.

7:19pm: Canada have won the opening set 21-19 over the O'Dea brothers.

7:06pm: The O'Dea brothers are currently losing 8-4 against Canada in the men's volleyball semi-finals.

7:00pm: Australia have a 1-0 lead in the second quarter. New Zealand missed a golden opportunity not long before.

6:35pm - Black Sticks showing good pressure already. "If they're going to beat Australia they're going to have to play aggressive hockey," one commentator said. 

6:31pm - Scotland trailing Uganda 22-18. Looking more and more promising for NZ. 

6:30pm - The men's Black Sticks about to get underway in their final pool match against Australia. 

6:26pm - Not to mention the women's triples who lead Wales 6-2. 

6:23pm - Meanwhile in lawn bowls the men's fours are ahead of Paua New Guinea 4-0 in a round 3 match. And in the triples Semi-Final B England dominate NZ 5-1. 

6:15pm - Uganda presently facing Scotland in netball. The outcome of this is massive for the Silver Ferns - if Uganda get ahead by at least 38 the Ferns will fail to qualify. Uganda 14-11 at quarter time. 

5:23pm - And that's a win from Ntsengue. Scaife fought well but just wasn't dominant enough to defeat the Cameroonian. Ntsengue is ecstatic! And fair enough too. He was in control the whole time.

5:32pm - End of third round, Ntsengue looking confident he's won. 

5:29pm - The Cameroonian boxer certainly looks in control at this point. Scaife working a little harder to stay in the fight. 

5:26pm - Ntsengue slightly on top after round one. 

5:22pm - Scaife fight well underway. An obvious height and reach disadvantage for the Kiwi. 

5:15pm - Coming up tonight!

Hockey: The men's Black Sticks go head-to-head with Australia from 6.30 in their final pool match. 

Volleyball: New Zealand take Canada in the men's semifinal at 7. 

Badminton: The mixed doubles round of 32 sees NZ face Jamaica at 9.25. 

Squash: The men's doubles go against Malaysia at 9.30.

Athletics: Joseph Millar will race in the Men's 200m semifinals at 11.06.

4:42pm - Kiwi Shooter Scott Wilson has finished 11th in the Men's double trap qualification.  

4:29pm - Coming up just after 5pm we have Kiwi fighter Ryan Scaife in the men's 75kg quarterfinals. He'll challenge Cameroon's Dieudonne Wilfried Seyi Ntsengue.

4:19pm - The NZ Women's Pair have officially fallen to Norfolk Island 11-20. 

3:53pm - Looking at lawn bowls, the Women's Pairs are currently trailing Norfolk Island 16-11.

3:38pm - Turns out squash footage was delayed, Kiwis won 2-0. King and Coll will head to the round of 16 on Thursday. 

3:35pm - King and Coll underway in mixed squash doubles leading Malta 1 - 0. 

3:22pm - Mixed doubles action coming up with Joelle King and Paul Coll to face Malta in Pool A match. 

3:12pm - Synchronised diving pair Elizabeth Cui and Yu Qian Goh have placed 4th in their final with a score of 251.70. 

3:06pm - And Troy Garton wins! With a 5-0 victory on the judges cards she'll head to the semi-finals and take home at least a bronze. 

2:58pm - First round goes to Garton! 

2:54pm - Unfortuntely there is no coverage of the 60kg boxing on TVNZ but we'll pull together what we can.

2:46pm - Shooters John Snowden and Brian Carter have tied for second in the Queen's prize open singles 600 event. 

2:36pm - Very soon we'll tune in to the women's 60kg boxing quarterfinals where Troy Garton will fight Botswana's Aratwa Kasemang. 

2:32pm - Benny has just lost her fight to a stronger O'Hara. She'll take a bronze though, ending a solid campaign for the 19-year-old. There's no fight for third in boxing meaning NZ will share the medal with Sri Lanka. 

2:23pm - In the lawn bowls women's pairs Jo Edwards and Val Smith have commenced a must win match against Norfolk Island.  

2:18pm - Benny enters the ring for the 48kg semi-final. Let's go New Zealand!

2:09pm - In rhythmic gymnastics Stella Ebert scored 10.400 in the hoop to sit in fourth. She’s yet to perform in the ball, clubs and ribbon. 

2:06pm - Kiwi boxer Tasmyn Benny will fight at 2.17 in the women's 48kg semi-final against Northern Ireland's Kristina O'Hara. 

1:57pm - Kiwi diving pair Elizabeth Cui and Yu Qian Goh have had their synchronised 3m springboard final delayed by an hour. 

1:51pm - I forgot to mention, it's been a big morning for Kiwi squash doubles. Joelle King and Amanda Landers-Murphy beat Australia 2-0 while Paul Coll and Grayson Campbell did the same to Malta. 

1:40pm - Meanwhile in shooting John Snowden and Brian Carter are sitting in a tie for third in the Queen's individual prize. Scott Wilson, also in shooting, sits in 14th spot in the men's double trap qualifying. 

1:35pm - Diver Liam Stone has finished 13th, putting him well outside a qualifying position. This will be a dissapointment for the Aucklander considering he finished 7th in Glasgow.  

1:23pm - While we were transfixed by the netball, bowler Shannon McIlroy down-trou'ed his Indian opponent 21-0 in singles to remain on top of his group. But the women's pair of Edwards and Smith fell to Canada 18-16, their first loss. 

12:42pm - Moving on to other sports now. In the women's pair lawn bowls, Canada lead NZ 12-10. Meanwhile Kiwi diver Liam Stone is competing in the men's 1m springboard prelim rounds.

12:40pm - A dissapointing morning for our national netball side in their chance at redemption. Here's hoping Scotland put up a fight against Uganda. 

12:24pm - And it's over. England have beaten NZ 54-45. Ferns just not good enough for the swift and accurate poms. The first time England have beaten NZ at the Commonwealth Games. 

12:23pm - We're currently look at England's biggest win over NZ ever. 

12:21pm - Hope fading very fast for NZ. "It's like watching a slow motion car crash", my boss says. 52-44. 

12:20pm - NZ need to score off any opportunity now. 

12:19pm - England still in control despite a glimmer of hope for NZ. 48-42 now. 

12:18pm - 46-42 now, NZ desperate to close the gap. 6 to go. 

12:14pm - Beautiful intercept from NZ. 

12:12pm - Another for NZ. 44-39. Ferns will have to put the gas on if they want any hope of staying alive in this competition. 

12:10pm - Well into fourth quarter. NZ on seven intercepts, England on 6. Folau working phenomenally, England still lead 42-38. 

12:03pm - End of third quarter, England ahead on 40-34. It's do or die now for the Ferns. Unfortunately Folau is NZ's only shooter on the court. NZ have turned the ball over 13 times, England just 7. 

12:01pm - NZ's shooting on 73 per cent, England on 86.

11:58am - England very much in control here. NZ really need to focus on Folau as she's the only way they're ever going to get ahead. 

11:57am - The Poms just know how to shoot that much better. Phenomenal accuracy. Folau scores again.  

11:56am - England really picking up the pace now and hit 34 points. NZ on 29. 

11:53am - Folau puts another away. England follows shortly after. The poms still ahead 32-28. 

11:51am - NZ's attack just not strong enough at the moment. England on 30-26. 

11:50am - Second half underway. England creeping ahead now, 28-25. They're shooting and execution looking strong. 

11:43am - The Ferns are going to really need to pump the pressure in the second half. You can see England are fighting to jump ahead and the Ferns will desperately need to cover their cracks. 

11:40am - Stats are showing England's shooting is significantly stronger on 92 per cent. NZ on 69. 

11:37am - England jump ahead at end of second quarter. 26-24. Boy the tension is heavy in this one, both teams are as hungry as ever as the play consistently jumps back and forth. 

11:35am - Stunner shot from Folau. 24-24. 

11:33am - 22-all now. 2:30 remaining in this quarter. The girls will be well ready for a break at pace. 

11:31am - 21-20 to England now. Both squads are really fighting for their lives. New Zealand are refusing to let England run ahead. 

11:30am - 20-19 to England. New Zealand managing to keep plenty of territory. 

11:26am - 17-17, I have a feeling this is going to be neck and neck for awhile yet. 

11:24am - England jump ahead, 15-14. The Ferns want this badly. 

11:22am - 14-13 to the Ferns deep into the second quarter. Offensive work looking strong. 

11:17am - England draw even 11-11 with a goal on the buzzer, but this is a much-improved performance from the Silver Ferns.

11:14am - At the defensive end, Fakahokotau is proving a menace to the English, but Selby-Rickit (5/10) is hesitant in the shooting circle. New Zealand still up 11-10 late in the opening quarter. 

11:08am - World champion McIlroy is on top of his singles group, despite losing to England yesterday, and he has taken three shots against Krishna Xalxo in the first end.

The Silver Ferns are playing their best netball of the tournament so far, sweeping to an 8-6 advantage over England.

11:05am - England are out to an early advantage in the netball, up 4-2.

11:02am - Elsewhere, at the bowls, our women's pair of Jo Edwards and Val Smith take on Canada, while Shannon McIlroy is up against an Indian opponent in singles.

At the shooting, Yue Zhao and Scott Wilson are in early qualifying for free pistol and double trap respectively. 

10:48am - Silver Ferns coach Janine Southby has named her strongest line-up to start against England - Temalisi Fakahokotau GK, Katrina Grant GD, Samantha Sinclair WD, Shannon Francois C, Grace Kara WA, Maria Folau GA, Te Taea Selby-Rickit GS.

The key, though, will be what changes she makes during the game. One of the big problems seems to have been the substitutions made at key times, which have allowed opponents to stay in the contest or, in the case of Malawi, sweep past late. 

10:35am - Kia ora, good morning ... welcome to another day of Commonwealth Games action from the Gold Coast.

A relatively quiet day for the Kiwis today and with track and swimming over, quite an early night too.

But we're off to a fast start, with the Silver Ferns drawin a 9am (local time) showdown with England in pool play. Despite their loss to Malawi the other night, the NZ netballers should progress to the semi-finals on goal difference, even if they lose to the Roses.

But they desperately need a good performance to bolster their medal hopes, knowing that they will probably meet all-conquering Australia in the semis. 

The full itinerary for Wednesday is here.