Commonwealth Games: As it happened, April 12 (Day Eight)

  • 12/04/2018

12:20pm - Thanks for joining us today, join us again in the morning for another day's action, which will include Dame Valerie Adams and Eliza McCartney going for gold at the track.

12:17pm - Mathas settles at the back of the field over the first lap, which is covered in 52 seconds by the leaders.

He doesn't have the gas to challenge for medals, but dips home in fifth place with another PB (1m 46.07s). That's all you can ask for - well done, that man!

Wycliffe Kinyamal of Kenya wins in 1m 45.11s.

12:13pm - Last Kiwi in action on Day Eight is Brad Mathas in the mena's 800m final on the track. This will be a tough proposition for him - he ran a personal best of 1m 46.32ws to qualify and he's drawn in lane two.

12:09pm - Australia have scored in the third quarter of their women's hockey semi against India, 1-0.

11:53pm - In the second hockey semi-final, Australia and India are battling a scoreless draw through the second quarter. Are they headed to a shoot-out as well?

11:35pm - At the squash, Lance Beddoes and Evan Williams have gone down to England in the round of 16 of men's doubles, so will play no further part in the tournament.

11:32pm - Damn, Dhillon has connected with a throw that sails past Hakeai's mark. It's 57.43m and moves her to third.

Hakeai responds, but is centimetres short at 56.96m. She has to settle for fourth.

11:25pm - Dhillon doesn't improve with her fifth, which travels 54.09m, so she has just one more attempt to surpass Hakeai, who also doesn't improve.

11:21pm - Stevens unleashes 68.26m, which beats the Games record of 65.92m, previously held by New Zealand's Beatrice Faumuina.

11:19pm - Another consistent throw from Hakeai, 56.94m, but Dhillon improved to 56.12m behind her. The Kiwi may need further to secure a place on the podium.

11:13pm - So, entering the final three rounds, Hakeai trails Aussie favourite Dani Stevens (65.43m) and Indian Seema Punia (60.41m). Stevens is out of reach, but Punia would be a great scalp for silver.

Behind her, Indian Navjeet Dhillon has thrown 55.61m tonight.

11:05pm - Big throw from Hakeai on her third - it's 57.16m, which consolidates her bronze-medal position.

10:57pm - Hakeai throws 55.19m with her second attempt and currently sits third in the women's discus.

10:47pm - At the track, Sositina Hakeai has opened in the women's discus with 56.00m, a solid start.

10:37pm - O'Hanlon makes another save to give the Kiwis another chance at victory. If Michelson can make this, they're through to the final - she does!

Michelson lifts the ball over the England goalie and into the goal, breaking the Black Sticks' shootout hoodo.

10:35pm - Gunson can't get her shot away within the eight-second limit, but she appeals for a push from the England goalie. This is a big call - it's declined.

10:34pm - Sam Harrison evens things up with a goal - this is tense. O'Hanlon keeps out the next England attempt.

10:33pm - NZ goalie O'Hanlon saves the next England attempt, but Thompson misses for NZ.

Hannah Martin puts England up with the first successful shot.

10:30pm - England have brought in a fresh goalie to face the NZ shooters.

But England miss their first one-on-one attempt to give the Black Sticks an early edge. Samantha Charlton puts her attempt wide, so it's still even.

10:26pm - As the final seconds tick down in regulation time at the hockey, New Zealand take a long shot at goal and it glances just wide. Time's up and, yes, it's a shoot out.

10:18pm - Over at the squash, we can tell you that Paul Coll and Campbell Grayson have beaten their Pakistan opponents in the men's doubles round of 16 and live to play again tomorrow.

10:13pm - England have the ball in goal as well, but also not allowed. 

10:08pm - Four minutes to go in the hockey semi and still no score. Hope this isn't headed to penalties :-/

Actually, the Black Sticks had the ball in goal a few minutes ago, but could not get a touch as it was fired into the circle.

9:52pm - Disappointment for Southgate, as his third attempt is much like his second and he sends the bar crashing to earth. No height.

9:48pm - Southgate misses his second attempt at 5.20m - he had plenty of height, but came down on the bar. He may move the uprights or hope for a stronger bottom hand on the pole. 

9:40pm - Nick Southgate misses his first attempt at 5.20m, but looked fast and strong on the runway. That's probably a good first-up effort to make any adjustments to his run-up.

The only man over so far is Cypriot Nikandros Stylianou.

At the hockey, it's still scoreless at halftime between New Zealand and England.

9:33pm - King and Coll have progressed to the mixed doubles squash semis with an 11-10 11-10 win over their Indian rivals. They are the top seeds.

9:30pm - Also in progress, the men's pole vault is going through the opening stages, with Kiwi Nick Southgate passing the first two heights of 4.80m and 5.00m.

9:26pm - In the meantime, King and Coll have taken the first set against India at the squash, and are up in the second.

Also the Black Sticks women have hit off against England in their hockey semi-final and the score is currently 0-0. 

9:22pm - In case you haven't heard, mountain bike gold medallist Sam Gaze has issued a public statement, apologising for his behaviour at the end of his race today.

After outsprinting NZ teammate Anton Cooper for the win, he accused his rival of bad sportsmanship and certainly didn't win amany fans with his manner.

To his credit, he has tried to make up for that and you have to respect him for that. 

8:50pm - Good evening, welcome to the night session at the Commonwealth Games, with the Kiwi squash combo of Joelle King and Paul Coll up against India in the mixed doubles quarter-finals.

This same Indian pair eliminated the other Kiwi duo of Amanda Landers-Murphy and Zac Millar earlier today, although the result was hotly disputed, so this could be a bit of a grudge match.

6:46pm - Coming up tonight on the Gold Coast:

Squash: The mixed doubles quarterfinals will see Paul Coll and Joelle King challenge India at 8:50. Then at 9.40 the men's doubles round of 16 will see Paul Coll and Grayson Campbell face Pakistan. Also in the round of 16 Lance Beddoes and Evan Williams will take England.

Hockey: The women's Black Sticks will go to war against England in the semi-finals at 9pm. 

Athletics: Nick Southgate is set to soar in the men's pole vault final at 9.25. Then at 10.40 Siositina Hakeai will throw in the discus final. And lastly Brad Mathas will run in the men's 800m final at 12.13am. 

6:13pm - And that's a bronze for NZ in the beach volleyball! Legendary work from the O'Dea brothers with a 2-0 score. 

6:12pm - Match point for NZ! Come on O'Dea boys! 

6:10pm - Great atmosphere in this match. NZ lead second set 18-13 and not looking to slow down.

6:03pm - 15-6 to NZ now in this set. Pity the O'Dea brothers didn't play this well in the semis. 

6:00pm - Some stunning shots from the Kiwis here. Leading 11-2 in this set. England slowly falling apart. 

5:52pm - Kiwis lead the beach volleyball 1-0. Very close to a bronze now! 

5:27pm - Going to beach volleyball now. The O'Dea brothers are about to challenge England for a bronze medal. 

5:17pm - In Badminton Kiwi mixed doubles pair Oliver and Susannah Leydon-Davis have lost to England 0-2 in the round of 16. 

5:09pm - In shooting Kiwi Janet Hunt has finished 10th in the women's smallbore 50m Prone Rifle final. She was closely followed by Kiwi Sally Johnston in 11th. 

5:01pm - Unfortunately the NZ men's fours lawn bowls team have gone down to England with a score of 2-20. 

4:58pm - These results are a switch from Glasgow 2014 when Gaze won silver and Cooper Gold. More here

4:52pm - Turns out Gaze had a puncture, an issue which lost him about 20 seconds. Absolutely phenomenal comeback from him. 

4:51pm - Massive day for NZ mountain biking. Absolute scenes. Samuel Gaze and Anton Cooper will take home gold and silver respectively. 

4:50pm - What an event! Heart racing stuff from the NZ riders. Cannot believe Gaze came back to win this. 

4:48pm - And Gaze wins! Cooper in second. South Africa in third. Two medals for NZ! 

4:47pm - Dying minutes of the race now! Gaze in the lead, what a race from him. Cooper in second. 

4:46pm - Looks like Gaze is back in the race after an apparent mechanical issue. Now sitting in second! 

4:43pm - What a race! It looks like Oliver is now in second. 

4:42pm - Anton Cooper in the lead! South Africa closing in behind. 

4:40pm - Dramatic scenes here, it looks like Gaze has had some bike problems! 

4:38pm - Final lap now! Gaze in the lead. 

4:32pm - Cooper ahead of Gaze by a second in mountain biking. South African still on their tail. Sadly Oliver wont be catching them - he's 45 seconds behind Cooper. 

4:31pm - Unfortunately the para triples lawn bowls will have to settle for a silver after losing to Australia 14-13. 

4:26pm - Two laps to go in the mountainbiking now! Cooper out in front with South African Hatherly in second. Gaze in third. The boys will really need to put the gas down now. But boy what a fight it must be in that heat!

4:25pm - Across to lawn bowls NZ are currently being dominated 13-2 by England in the men's fours quarterfinal. 

4:23pm - Oliver around 24 seconds behind the three leaders now. 

4:15pm - Triples bowls gold medal match looking very tight! Australia leading 12-11. 

4:13pm - Cooper and Gaze still out in front. Going to be a fight to keep that South African away. 

4:10pm - Annoying ad break from TVNZ. NZ in first and second! Cooper in front, Gaze in second. 

4:03pm - Gaze in third now, Cooper in second. 

3:59pm - Some good air from the riders! Gaze in second, Oliver in third. 

3:56pm - And the South African is in the lead! Tremendous pace from Alan Hatherly. 

3:53pm - In the bowls triples gold match NZ have caught up to Australia. 11-9. 

3:50pm - With a 26 degree temperature this will be a real battle for the boys. Gaze in front now, Cooper very closely behind. 

3:45pm - And Cooper jumps in the lead! Oliver desperate to break into the top three. 

3:42pm - What a close race we have! You wonder if Gaze and Cooper have some kind of tactics going on. But no doubt they'll turn into deadly foes later on. 

3:40pm - In the squash mixed doubles Landers-Murphy and Millar have gone down to India 1-2 in the round of 16. 

3:37pm - Gaze a second ahead of Cooper! Oliver in fourth. 

3:32pm - Superb starts from NZ! This is going to be one brutal race in that heat. Some very technical setions on that track too. Sam Gaze in the lead!

3:29pm - And the men's mountain bikers are off. Let's go NZ! We've got three riders in this event - Sam Gaze, Anton Cooper and Ben Oliver.


3:23pm - Here's hoping for a mountain biking gold as South Africa have just jumped ahead of us on the gold medal table! 

3:21pm - I've just heard that 200m semi-finalist Angie Petty has missed out on the finals by 0.09 seconds!

3:08pm - Despite a good start the NZ lawn bowls triples are well and truly trailing Australia 7-2 

2:58pm - Coming up at half 2 we've got the men's mountain biking which features Kiwi Glasgow 2014 medallists Anton Cooper (gold) and Sam Gaze (silver).  

2:56pm - Squash mixed doubles Amanda Landers-Murphy and Zac Millar are trailing India 1-0 in a round of 16 match. 

2:50pm - Bowls gold medal match looking to be a great match. NZ lead 2-0 after second end. 

2:43pm - In the lawn bowls triples gold match NZ currently lead Aus 1-0. 

2:31pm - I've just heard that Dame Valerie's throw was her best of the season. She'll challenge for a medal tomorrow night after throwing the best distance in qualifying so far (18.52m). 

2:29pm - In squash NZ mixed doubles King and Coll have beaten Barbados in the round of 16 with a score of 2-0. 

2:27pm - It's medal time in the lawn bowls. NZ are taking the Aussies in a gold medal match for the B6/B7/B8 triples. 


2:23pm - And Petty finishes on 5th in the 800 with a time of 2:00:62. 

2:20pm - Kiwi Angela Petty about to run in women's 800m semi. 

2:17pm - Stunning first shot from Adams at 18.52 metres giving her instant qualification. 

2:02pm - Valerie Adams set to begin her qualifying throws in around 15. 

1:57pm - Sheppard says it was an amazing atmosphere to ride despite not achieving the result she wanted. 

1:53pm - And Kiwi rider Samara Sheppard finishes in 9th. Not a great day for the 27-year-old with mechanical problems early on. 

1:52pm - The women's mountainbiking wrapping up with England in first and second and Canada in third. 

1:49pm - The mens fours bowls have beaten Wales 11-10. Sounded pretty tense at the end there. The lads will now proceed to the quarter-final against England. 

1:44pm - Unfortunately Divers Anton Down-Jenkins and Liam Stone have finished in 14th and 15th respectively in their 3m springboard prelim. 

1:31pm - Sheppard still in eighth, now 4.05 behind the race leaders. 

1:14pm - The English rider has really bolted ahead now. Samara still in eighth, 1.43 off bronze. 

1:09pm - And McIlroy has lost the quarterfinal to England 21-16. The 2016 world champion couldn't quite close the gap unfortunately. 

1:08pm - Unfortunately Sheppard will be doing well to finish in 7th or 8th at this stage. 

1:04pm - English riders in first and second and Canadian in third. In bowls McIlroy trails Paxton 19-16. 

1:01pm - Mountainbiker Samara Sheppard still 9th after two laps. She's 1.18 behind third meaning her bronze hopes have faded pretty fast. 

1:00pm - The McIlroy match has become a real nail bitter. England ahead by just one now. Stunning comeback. 


12:56pm - Halfway point of women's mountainbiking. Sheppard in ninth after South African rider suffered a puncture. 

12:55pm - Kiwi divers Liam Stone and Anton Down-Jenkins are currently in 16th and 17th place respectively for their springboard prelim. 

12:53pm - McIlroy is catching up in the bowls! 17-15 now, he'll be desperate to close that gap. 

12:52pm - English riders looking seriously swift in the mountainbiking. Very tight between the two leaders. 

12:49pm - Two Kiwi divers have just performed in the 3m springboard preliminary round. Results to come. 

12:47pm - Unfortunately Sheppard has had some kind of mechanical issue with her bike. Now sitting on 10th, 1.33 minutes behind the leaders. 

12:45pm - McIlroy creeping up on England in bowls! 17-13 now. 

12:43pm - English riders in first and second in women's mountainbiking. Sheppard yet to finish first lap. 

12:39pm - Sheppard said to be favoured for fourth position in mountainbiking. 

12:34pm - Things not looking too hot in the bowls men's four sectional play either with Wales leading 7-3 after 9 ends. 

12:33pm - In the bowls McIllroy has sadly lost his lead as England jump ahead 17-10. Do or die now for the Gisborne stalwart. 

12:30pm - The women's crosscountry mountainbiking is underway with Kiwi Samara Sheppard. At 3.30 we'll also see Kiwi male riders Anton Cooper, Sam Gaze and Ben Oliver. 

12:19pm - Meanwhile in the men's fours, Wales lead NZ 4-3 after 7 ends.

12:16pm - Paxton looking chuffed with his lead now. England ahead 15-9. McIlRoy will need to pump the pressure to stay in this. 

12:10pm - McIlroy losing his lead now with England jumping ahead to 13-9.  

12:00am - England jump ahead of NZ to lead 10-9!

11:48am - Also in lawn bowls the men's fours sectional play sees NZ lead Wales 3-2. 

11:44am - McIlroy ahead 9-6 after 9th end. Strong support for both players in the crowd.

11:39am - McIlroy leading NZ 8-6 in lawn bowls after the 8th end. 

11:25am - McIlroy leading England's Robert Paxton 6-4 in the quarterfinal of the lawn bowls men's singles.

11:00am - Kicking off day eight on the Gold Coast we have round five of the lawn bowls men's fours along with the men's singles quarter-finals.

Kia ora, good morning ... welcome to another day of Commonwealth Games action from the Gold Coast.

A relatively quiet day for the Kiwis today with our mountain bikers and shooters going for medals.

The full itinerary for Thursday is here