Commonwealth Games: As it happened, April 13 (Day Nine)

  • 13/04/2018

12:33pm - So the Tall Ferns lost 109-50 to Australia in the basketball semis and will now face Canada for the bronze medal tomorrow.

That's all from us tonight, so join us again early tomorrow for the cycling road races and so much more.

12:16pm - At the boxing, England's Frazer Clarke overcame Kiwi Patrick Mailata in a split decision, after a bruising encounter that will make it hard for Frazer to front for a final tomorrow.

Mailata is the fourth Kiwi to take a bronze medal as a beaten semi-finalist. 

11:55pm - Newman misses her first at 4.80m, but she doesn't need to clear it. McCartney does.

She balks and must go back to the start of her run-up. McCartney again has the height, but she comes down on the bar again. 

Gold for Newman, silver for McCartney.

11:50pm - McCartney will now go to 4.80m, with just two attempts to clear it. She has the height, but comes down on the bar.

11:48m - Newman has missed her second attempt at 4.70m, but passes her third attempt to 4.75m.

McCartney misses her first attempt, but will claim gold if Newman misses her next jump.

Newman clears and takes the lead, pressure on McCartney!

11:42pm - Great news from the track, where Jake Robertson has broken the national 10,000m record to finish fifth in 27m 30.90s.

McCartney is well over 4.70m.

11:40pm - McCartney has her first miss at 4.70m, coming down on the bar, so now she and Newman have one miss apiece.

Newman also misses - her second of the night. If they both miss this height, McCartney wins.

11:38m - Kennedy misses 4.65m, but has the bronze medal, beating Bradshaw on a countback. Now, it's just McCartney and Newman.

11:33pm - Tall Ferns trail Australia 53-28 at halftime, Robertson actually spent a spell at the front of the 10,000m field and is still mixing it with the leaders.

And McCartney's clearance at the vault was a Games record, breaking the 4.62 by Aussie Kym Howe at Melbourne 2006.

11:30pm - Newman is also over 4.65m - she has been a visitor to New Zealand over the past two years, so great to see her performing like this.

Thomas-Dodd with her last throw in the shot - it's a foul.

Dame Valerie does not have a response tonight - she has to settle for silver, but gives her rival a hug of congratulations.

11:27pm - Bradshaw misses her first at 4.65m in the vault, but McCartney is well over again.

Robertson is still with the leaders in the 10,000m.

11:25pm - Thomas-Dodd has taken the lead in the shot with 19.36m - a Jamaican national record - and Dame Valerie has only 18.40m. She has one more attempt for victory.

11:22pm - Borel improves to 18.00m with her fourth attempt at the shot. Bradshaw is over 4.60m at the pole vault, as is Newman of Canada and Kennedy of Australia, but McCartney has passed that height. 

11:18m - There are only four vaulters left in the competiion and Aussie Nina Kennedy also clears 4.55m first time.

Tall Ferns trail Australia 25-12 after the opening quarter of the basketball semi and Robertson has settled back in the pack in the 10,000m.

Thomas-Dodd tosses 18.00m in the fourth round, but Dame Valerie fouls.

11:16pm - Eliza McCartney is about to enter the pole vault at 4.55m, a height well within her capability. She's well over - her confidence was well founded.

11:13pm - The shot put has reached the end of the third round, where the field of 12 will be reduced to eight. Dame Valerie still leads on a countback from Thomas-Dodd from Jamaica and Borel from Trinidad.

11:09pm - On the track, the men's 10,00m is about to start, with Kiwi Jake Robertson among the starters.

11:07pm - Thomas-Dodd throws 18.57m on her third attempt at the shot put and trails Dame Valerie on a countback.

Australia are already 17-7 up on the Tall Ferns after five minutes.

11:05pm - The great news from the hockey is that the Black Sticks men are through to their final, beating India 3-2 in the semi-final. They now await the winners between Australia and England.

11:03pm - After waiting for a medal ceremony to end, Dame Valerie steps into the cricle for her third throw. It's 18.03m - she will need further for gold.

11:01pm - The bar goes to 4.50m in the pole vault, and Bradshaw is over on her first attempt.

11pm - India have scored off a penalty corner and now trail the Black Sticks just 3-2 with four minutes remaining in their semi.

10:58pm - The Tall Ferns are warming up for their basketball semi against Australia. The NZ women have only ever beaten the Opals once - 10 years ago - so they are up against history here.

10:54m - McTaggart misses her final attempt at 4.40m, so she will have to settle for 4.30m, still a great performance in her debut at this level.

10:51m - Dame Valerie is out to 18.65m with her second throw at the shot, no improvement for her.

Thomas-Dodd throws 18.70m to match Val's opener, so this will be close

10:48pm - McTaggart stalls out again at her second attempt at 4.40m - she may have reached the end of her energy for this competition.

Dame Valerie leads Jamaican Danniel Thomas-Dodd (18.36m) and Cleopatra Borel (17.59m) of Trinidad early in the shot put.

10:43pm - In the shot circle, Dame Valerie Adams takes her first attempt - it's 18.70m, which is her best this season. A solid opener, but she wants to throw higher next time.

10:38m - McTaggart takes her first attempt at 4.40m, but stalls out at takeoff. She doesn't break the plane of the uprights, so can take another shot, but ends up running through.

This would equal her personal best, if she clears.

10:36pm - Meanwhile, at the hockey, the Black Sticks have scored again in the third quarter, through Marcus Child, to go 3-1 ahead of India in the semi-final. 

10:34pm - The bar has gone up to 4.40m and England's Holly Bradshaw is over on her first attempt.

Eight athletes were over 4.30m, including Kiwi Olivia McTaggart.

Eliza McCartney has passed 4.40m, which is a big call, so she must be feeling supremely confident. She will be the last to take height in this competition.

10:22pm - McTaggart is over 4.30m, but gave the bar a good nudge on the way over. It wobbled, bounced off the uprights, but settled back in place - a great clearance.

10:18pm - McTaggart runs through her first attempt at 4.30m, which is not ideal. She'll now be guessing where her run-up was and what adjustments are needed before her second attempt.

10:15pm - The bar is at 4.30m at the pole vault, and Lucy Bryan of England, Alysha Newman of Canada and Aussie Liz Parnov are all over, first attempt.

10:10pm - India have pulled a goal back in the second quarter against teh Black Sticks men, who now lead 2-1.

10:07m - Bar in the vault is now 4.15m. Three athletes have already cleared and McTaggart is on the runway.

She clears well. This is a great performance at her Commonwealth Games debut.

9:56pm - McTaggart is well over 4.00m at her second attempt.

9:51pm - Hooter goes at the sevens and the Black Ferns have run out 41-0 winners over South Africa. They're yet to concede a try after two games.

9:48pm - McTaggart misses her first attempt at 4.00m in the pole vault.

Kelly Brazier scores for the Black Ferns for a 41-0 lead over South Africa.

9:47pm - Stephen Jenness scores for the Black Sticks, they now lead India 2-0 in the first quarter.

9:46pm - Niall Williams try - this has become a cakewalk. NZ 36-0.

9:44pm - Woodman pops up again on the left side, swerves in and out, and sprints away for her second try of the game. She cops a serve from the crowd for not touching the ball down - she wants a rest and why not. NZ 29-0.

Woodman takes a seat for the rest of the night.

9:40pm - From the kickoff, Woodman wins the contest, the ball spins across field and Gayle Broughton runs away from the defence to score. NZ 22-0 at halftime.

Meanwhile, the Black Sticks have taken a 1-0 lead over India at the hockey, with Hugo Inglis scoring.

At the pole vault, Mctaggart has cleared her conservative opening height of 3.85m at her first attempt.

9:39pm - Woodman hits an opponent with a great tackle and from the turnover, Michaela Blyde cruises over for a try. NZ 17-0.

9:35pm - Portia Woodman gets the ball on the right sideline, shrugs off a would-bea tackler and jogs in for her fourth try of the tournament. Conversion is off the posts, NZ 12-0.

9:33pm - Sarah Goss takes a quick tap penalty just 30 seconds into the game and runs unopposed to the line to open the scoring. NZ 7-0.

9:32pm - The Black Ferns Sevens are lining up for their match against South Africa, as the Black Sticks hit off against India at the hockey. It's all on!

9:23pm - Athletes just being introduced for the women's pole vault - Eliza McCartney is fifth in order and Olivia McTaggart 10th of 14, although that will mean nothing, since vaulters will come in at different heights along the way.

The opening neight is set at 3.50m, but neither of the Kiwis will come in that low.

9:09pm - Big couple of hours coming up for New Zealand, with the Black Sticks men facing India in the hockey semis, Tall Ferns facing Australian in basketball semis, Black Ferns against South Africa at sevens, and Dame Valerie Adams and Eliza McCartney going for athletics gold at Carrara Stadium.  

9:01pm - Sam Belkin has lost his bronze-medal match in the wrestling, so presumably that means he misses out on the podium - unless there's some other twist to the competition format that we haven't figured out yet.

8:58pm - Joelle King's hopes of a gold trifecta are dashed, with India taking the third set 11-10 in the mixed doubles semi. She and Paul Coll will now play for bronze tomorrow.

8:44pm - Walsh takes the fight in split decision and lives to battle for gold tomorrow. Pritchard will take home bronze.

Looks like the Indians are taking control of the squash too. They're 6-4 up in the third set.

8:41pm - At the squash, King and Coll have lost the second set against India, and must now play a deciding third.

8:39pm - Pritchard has been on the deck three times in the second round and Walsh is having her way with the Kiwi. Looks like another bronze medal for the boxing team.

8:36pm - Both fighters have been off their feet in the opening round and Walsh may just have the upper hand, getting inside Pritchard's reach to land some punishing blows to the head. 

8:32pm - Boxer Alexis Pritchard has just begun her semi-final bout against Northern Ireland's Michaela Walsh. She enjoys a height and reach advantage over her opponent, but the Irish have proved nuggety fighters at these Games.

8:21pm - King and Coll have edged their Indian rivals to take the first game at the squash mixed doubles, 11-9.

8:14pm - Kiwi Sam Belkin also seems to be wrestling for a bronze medal tonight.

One of the fun challenges facing media during these Games is trying to figure out the rules of sports they rarely cover - but the wrestling format is probably the most confounding so far.

Anyway, the official website says he's grappling with Canadian Jordan Steen in a bronze-medeal match, so let's see what happens there.

7:59pm - King and Coll are about to take the court against Dipika Pallikal Karthik and Saurav Ghosal from India. The winners will progress to the mixed doubles final, the losers play for bronze.

Remember King has already won the women's singles and is also through to the women's doubles semis tomorrow. 

7:13pm - Next up for New Zealand, Joelle King and Paul Coll face India in a squash mixed doubles semi-final at 8pm.

7:11pm - Williams secures her double at the end of a backline overlap. Black Ferns win 45-0 and now face South Africa later tonight.

7:08pm - Brazier puts a kick through to the Kenyan line and the sweeper is too casual, waiting for the ball to roll dead. Niall Williams sprints through and touches down for a try. NZ 40-0.

7:06pm - Woodman hat-trick, she just confounds the defenders down the right sideline, fending and stepping through for a try. She takes a seat. NZ 33-0.

7:04pm - Woodman simply runs through a Kenyan defender on halfway and runs away for her second try. NZ 26-0.

7pm - Gayle Broughton scores the third try after the half-time hooter and New Zealand enter the break with a 19-0 advantage.

6:56pm - Kelly Brazier puts on a left-foot step and runs 50 metres for the second try without a hand laid on her. NZ 12-0.

6:54pm - Guess who? Portia Woodman runs in New Zealand's first try for an early lead. She pushes off a couple of defenders with the 'big don't argue' and powers over.

6:52pm - Here come the Black Ferns against Kenya, whose men's team have become a force on the world circuit. What can their women offer here?

6:48pm - Canada have made no race of their sevens match with South Africa - they're 29-0 up with a minute to play.

6:33pm - Canada and South Africa make history, as Commonwealth Games host women's sevens for the first time. Canada waste no time running in the first try.

6:14pm - Next fight at the boxing sees Kiwi Alexis Pritchard against Northern Irish Michaela Walsh for a spot in the women's 57kg final. That's timed to go at 8:32pm.

In the meantime, the NZ women will open their sevens account against Kenya at 6:53pm.

5:53pm - And Nyika takes the unanimous decison to move through to the 91kg final and a chance to defend his Commonwealth Games title.

5:51pm - Nyika cleverly switches his stance to keep his opponent guessing. The Kiwi seems to be controlling this fight - he seems to have avoided Clarke's biggest punches - but amateur boxing is notorious for bewildering decisions, so stand by for the result.

5:48pm - Nyika is landing a lot of punches, some of them are ringing Clarke's bell. The Englishman still can't find his target and is tiring.

5:45pm - Clarke has a huge swining right hand and if he lands it, look out. In the meantime, Nyika is connecting and scoring points with his jab.

5:42pm - David Nyika is in the ring for his 91kg boxing semi against England's Cheavon Clarke. This guy looks like a monster, so should be a real test for the defending Games champion.

5:13pm - And they lost it. Since doubles are best-of-three-sets format, Coll and Grayson are now eliminated.

Coll/King are scheduled to take the court about 8pm (NZ time).

5:09pm - Paul Coll and Campbell Grayson are playing Australia in a men's doubles quarter-final at the squash - they're currently locked at one set each, although the Aussies have set point in the third.

Coll is also next up with Joelle King in a mixed doubles quarter-final.

4:51pm - At the shooting range, Rooney has lost her shoot-off with Aussie Laetisha Scanlon and will not progress to tonight's trap final. Bugger!

4:14pm - A bit of a lull in the action from Gold Coast. The next Kiwis up are David Nyika in his 91kg boxing semi-final and the Black Ferns Sevens opener against Kenya.

Olympic shooting silver medallist Natalie Rooney has struggled all day in trap qualifying, but a 24/25 in her final round seems to have put her into a shoot-off for the sixth and last spot in the final. Stay tuned for more.

2:54pm - Garton lost to the Aussie on unanimous points decision, so now New Zealand has just three more fighters still alive for gold medals - David Nyika, who's up next at 5:17pm, Alexis Pritchard and Patrick Mailata.

2:41pm - Kiwi boxer Troy Garton is in the ring against Aussie Anja Stridsman for their 60kg semi-final. The winner fights for gold, the loser collects bronze.

2:20pm - Ben Langton Burnell has qualified for the final. He finished ninth overall.

1:47pm - Ben Langton Burnell finishes 5th with a throw 75.29 in the Men's Javelin Qualification

1:43pm - Rooney is now 11th in the shooting. She is on the cusp of the top six who qualify for the final. One round remains 

1:25pm - Shaye Boddington is one of the 12 qualifiers for the 1m women's springboard final. Sadly, Lizzie Cui has missed out.

12:55pm - Two Kiwis have lost their wrestling matches. Ana Moceyawa has lost her women's 57kg group match to Pooja Dhanda of India, while Brahm Richards has lost his 65kg quarter-final to India's Bajrang.

12:42pm - Lizzie Cui is eighth and Shaye Boddington ninth after the third of five dives in the women's 1m springboard preliminary round.

12:41pm - Newshub's Conor Whitten said two Indian athletes have been kicked out of the Commonwealth Games for breaching the no-needle policy.

12:31pm - Just an upate from our divers with Elizabeth Cui in seventh and Shaye Boddington in elevnth after two rounds. 

12:15pm - David Walton from the Isle of Man is leading the men's shooting... A number of our wrestlers are about to get underway on day nine.   

12:00pm - Beach volleyball brothers Ben and Sam O'Dea are now looking forward to the 2020 Olympics. Click here to see what they said about winning bronze on the Gold Coast. 

11:29am - Rooney is 12th after the first round. She has 20 hits. Rooney is five points behind leader Kirsty Barr of Northern Ireland.

11:18am - Natalie Rooney has started her quest for gold in the women's trap shooting. She is up against 13 shooters in qualification with the top six going through to the finals this afternoon. 

Kia ora, good morning ... welcome to another day of Commonwealth Games action from the Gold Coast.

A relatively quiet day for the Kiwis today with our shooters, wrestlers in action early on day nine - while a number of our athletics teams  go for gold later tonight.

The full itinerary for Friday is here