Commonwealth Games: As it happened, April 14 (Day Ten)

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  • 14/04/2018

11:20pm: So, that is all from us. New Zealand have just got underway in their gold medal match against Australia and will do well to look to the women for inspiration after their earlier efforts. Thank you for joining us and be sure to check in once again for tomorrow's live updates of the final day of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

11:17pm: Canada will have the final say as they score right on fulltime. Hooter sounds and New Zealand win 33-7. They'll play England in tomorrow's semi-final!

11:13pm: Baker now in space and he's through for another New Zealand try. Two thumbs up!

11:09pm: Koroi busts through the line right after halftime, finds Ware on his inside who races away untouched to score under the sticks.

11:06pm: New Zealand show great defence on their own try line to keep Canada scoreless heading into halftime. They lead 19-0 at the break.

11:05pm: Koroi shrugs off a Canadian player and races away to score a try. New Zealand coasting.

11:03pm: New Zealand capatilise off the yellow card to score out wide through Regan Ware.

11:01pm: Scott Curry scores off New Zealand's first possession and they lead 5-0.

10:57pm: Alright, that game went on forever. All set for NZ against Canada.

10:45pm: We're not far from the All Blacks Sevens' match with Canada in their final pool play game. Kenya currently on the field, and they're thrashing Zambia.

10:25pm: England beat Australia to advance to the medal rounds in the men's sevens. So the hosts bow out of the competition.

10:06pm: Right, so just the two events to come for New Zealand today. The All Blacks Sevens taking on Canada in just under an hour, and the men's Black Sticks playing Australia for gold shortly after 11pm.

9:53pm: Cui is sitting 12th at the moment. 

9:35pm: And they've done it! The Tall Ferns win 74-58 to claim bronze. Great effort from our Kiwi girls.

9:33pm: Just over a minute left and the Tall Ferns lead 74-55.

9:27pm: Tall Ferns showing their nerve and lead 65-53. Just three minutes left. Surely they'll hold on.

9:25pm: After two attempts, Cui has dropped to sixth place.

9:20pm: Canada have cut the lead to just 10 with six minutes left.

9:15pm: Lizzie Cui is currently fourth rigfht now after the first dive in the women's 3m springboard final.

9:14pm: Tall Ferns out to a 57-39 lead and we're now in the fourth quarter.

9:07pm: Tall Ferns lead 51-35 with two minutes of the third quarter left. Really looking comfortable out there. 

9:02pm: Canada fighting hard but the Tall Ferns still hold a handy lead of 43-35 with just over four minutes to go in the third quarter.

8:58pm: Tall Ferns out to a 40-31 lead right now. They're building nicely after the break.

8:49pm: So, just the Tall Ferns in action at the moment but Lizzi Cui will be up soon in the women's 3m springboard final.

8:40pm: The Tall Ferns take a 34-26 lead over Canada into the halftime break. Another bronze on the cards for New Zealand.

8:33pm: And that's another bronze for New Zealand! King and Coll combine to beat England in their third-place playoff match in the mixed doubles. Fantastic effort, romping to a 11-6, 11-6 win.

8:32pm: It's a close affair between the Tall Ferns and Canada. New Zealand have led throughout but it's been cut to just three points heading towards halftime.

8:30pm: King and Coll continuing their dominance over England and lead 8-3 in the second game after already winning the first.

8:29pm: So, for the first time ever, the Silver Ferns won't be in the gold medal match. It's going to be very interesting to see what comes out of all this.

8:25pm: Game over. Australia romp to a 65-44 win over New Zealand. Just far too good.

8:23pm: Tall Ferns up 18-15 over Canada in the second quarter. Few bronze medals on offer for NZ tonight.

8:22pm: Coll and King take the first game against England and lead 1-0 in the second of their bronze medal match.

8:21pm: Australia lead 61-40 with just under four minutes to go. 

8:15pm: It's just more of the same really for the Silver Ferns. Australia just gradually extending their already massive lead. They lead 56-33 in the fourth quarter.

8:12pm: King and Coll well on top for the moment and are up 7-2 in the first game.

8:10pm: Australia out to a 50-30 lead at the start of the final quarter. 

8:08pm: King and Coll out to a 3-1 lead over their English opponents in the first game of their bronze medal match.

8:06pm: While lotto interupts the netball, the Tall Ferns have an early 7-5 lead over Canada.

8:00pm: Make that a sixteen-goal lead. This is getting very ugly for the Silver Ferns.

7:59pm: Joelle King and Paul Coll also almost underway in their mixed doubles bronze medal match.

7:58pm: The Tall Ferns about to get underway against Canada in the bronze medal match.

7:56pm: Wow, fifteen goals the difference now. Australia making it look so easy.

7:49pm: And we're underway for the second half and it's Australia who draw blood first. They extend their lead to 34-21, thirteen goals ahead of New Zealand.

7:37pm: It's halftime and Australia hold a comfortable lead of 32-11 over our girls. They're just on a different planet compared to the Silver Ferns.

7:35pm: Australia now up to a 10-goal lead and are up 30-20 with just over a minute left in the second quarter.

7:26pm: Australia extend their lead to 23-15 not long into the second quarter. NZ struggling to keep up.

7:25pm: Tayla Ford has lost 6-5 to her Indian opponent in their wrestling match and misses out on a bronze medal.

7:18pm: End of the first quarter and Australia lead 18-12 over the Silver Ferns.

7.16pm: Silver Ferns find themselves trailing early on in their semi-final clash against Australia. It's 14-10 in the first quarter.

6.27pm: The Kiwis couldn't fire at the end....finishing fifth, sixth, tenth and eleventh.

6.26pm: 1km to go and we have about 10 riders in the lead group including five Kiwis.

6.23pm: Kiwi Josh Oram is in a breakaway three-man group with just under 3km to go.

6.20pm: Five Kiwis in the lead group in the men's road race including Sam Gaze. Less than 5km to go.

5.47pm: Camille Buscombe has finished 12th in the 5000m final.

5.08pm: Gold medal for New Zealand. David Nyika takes a unanimous decision win.

5.06pm: The Australian starting the round well...the Kiwi lands a nice uppercut and then a overhand right. Both guys swinging now..Nyika landing a bit more cleaner. The Kiwi still moving well and landing counters. Overhand from the Australian to end. Judges standing by.

5.02pm: Nyika scores with a huge uppercut..georgeous punch. Whateley coming forward though as Nyika looks to move him around. The Kiwi is proving elusive, he moves very well in the ring...neither guy landing much ti end the round. Another close round..I'd give it to the Kiwi but it was close.

4.58pm: Nyika looking very loose...good close contest in the first with both guys landing decent shots. Nyika confident in the exchanges. Close round with the Kiwi probably getting the scores but crowd could swing it the Australian's way.

4:55pm: David Nyika is about to square off with Australia's Jason Whateley in the gold medal match.

4:50pm: To be behind 21 points and somehow claw back to be back into a winning position is a great effort by the Tall Blacks.

4:43pm: No! Canada hit the buzzer beater with a three-pointer to win the game. Agonisingly close for our boys. Was a great comeback but they just fell short.

4:40pm: Ili goes one from two at the line and Canada will have one last shot to win the game. NZ lead 86-85.

4:38pm: Ili fouled with just five seconds to go! He had a clear run to the basket after NZ forced the turnover. 

4:37pm: All Black Sevens finish as 40-7 winners over Kenya. Great hitout for New Zealand.

4:36pm: Abercrombie puts NZ ahead! He pounced on the offensive rebound and dunked it in.

4:35pm: It's 83-all with just over a minute left! The Tall Blacks with a great chance to snatch victory.

4:34pm: Curry scores a try and the All Blacks Sevens extend their lead to 33-0. Really good performance so far.

4:31pm: All Blacks Sevens coasting now. They lead 26-0 shortly after halftime. 

4:30pm: Canada lead cut to just three with over two minutes to go. Great fightback by the Tall Blacks.

4.26pm: All Blacks Sevens have a 12-0 lead late in the first half.

4:22pm: The All Blacks Sevens are underway in their match against Kenya and score the game's opening try through Nanai-Seturo.

4:20pm: Tall Blacks are coming back strong and now trail just 78-71 with over six minutes left.

4:14pm: And that's it! The Black Sticks women have won gold on the Gold Coast against the home team. Incredible effort.

4:10pm: It was Anita McLaren with the goal from the penalty corner. Just three minutes to go.

4:09pm: That should be it! New Zealand add to their tally and it's 4-1 to our Kiwi girls!

4:06pm: Black Sticks show great defence as Australia can't score another from a penalty corner. Just over five minutes left...

4:02pm: Just over 100km to go in the men's road race with no Kiwis in the top three.

4:00pm: Australia back in it! They've pulled a goal back from a penalty corner and New Zealand lead 3-1.

3.50pm: Hayden McCormick is part of a breakaway pack in the men's road race.

3.47pm: Canada lead the Tall Blacks 55-49 with just over five minutes left in the third quarter.

3.45pm: Goal Blacksticks: Olivia Merry makes it 3-0 for the Black Sticks! What scenes. Another penalty corner, and another goal.

3.38pm: Goal Blacksticks: That's a second for the Kiwi girls. Rose Keddell from a penalty corner. 2-0 with 25 mins to play.

3.27pm: 1-0 halftime lead for the Black Sticks on the women's hockey gold medal match.

3.24pm: Okay halftime at the basketball. Canada have a slim advantage..they take a 45-42 lead.

3.21pm: Closing in on the half at the basketball semi against Canada. Tall Blacks fighting back and have just taken the lead 39-38.

3.18pm: Goal Blacksticks: Shiloh Gloyn with a superb strike from just inside the circle. New Zealand have the lead near the end of the first half.

3.14pm: Still 0-0 in the women's hockey final. Australia have had the better of the play but the Black Sticks holding on well.

3.10pm: And they finish with a bang. back-to-back tries....24-7 the final score.

3.09pm: Black Ferns up 17-7 now with 20 seconds on the clock.

3.06pm: Australia and the Black Sticks locked up at 0-0 in the gold medal women's hockey match.

3.04pm: Black Ferns hit back after halftime. Lead Canada 10-7 with three-minutes to go.

2.58pm: Black Ferns trailing  5-7 against Canada at the sevens. They have Sarah Goss in the bin.

2.57pm: National road cycling champion Jason Christie has had a nasty crash in the road race. He is back on the bike now with a nasty cut on his face. Medal chance is probably gone.

2.53pm: Tall Blacks trail Canada 22-16 after the first quarter. New Zealand have only landed four shots from the field.

5.52pm: Tayla Ford is one win from three matches in her wrestling comp.

2.49pm: And as if there isn't enough on at the moment, the Black Ferns are playing Canada in their final pool game.

2.46pm: The women's hockey gold medal match is underway between the Black Sticks and Australia.

2:42pm - Canada lead Paul Henare's side14-6 midway through the first quarter.

2:32pm - The Tall Blacks have started their semi-final against Canada. 

2:25pm - Starting in 20 minutes is the women's hockey gold medal match between Australia and New Zealand. 

2:20pm - Ten mintues till the Tall Blacks face Canada in their semi-final. Austarlia earlier qualified for the final after thumping Scotland, yes Scotland, 103-46.

2:11pm - The men's final in the men's trap shooting is underway. Kiwi Owen Robinson is eight. 

2:07pm - There will be a whopping 116 starters in the men's road race, including six Kiwis.

Hayden McCormick, Jack Bauer, James Oram, Jason Christie, Sam Gaze, Shane Archibold will start the men's race at around 2.30pm (NZT).

1:47pm - "There’s a huge crowd and lots of kiwi support here and if we keep playing like that we’ll go well this weekend." Tim Mikkelson said after the All Blacks Sevens' win over Zambia.

1:41pm -  Tough result for Toby Fitzpatrick, he lost 9-8 to miss out on a spot in the semi-finals. He is beaten by England's Syerus Eslami.

Meanwhile, Tayla Ford has defeated Berthe Emillene Etana Ngolle of Cameroon 7-0 in the Women’s 62 kg Freestyle.

1:29pm - Kiwi diver Elizabeth Cui has eked into the final of the Commonwealth Games women's 3m springboard event, qualifying in 10th place. Cui secured a total of 241.20 with her five dives in Saturday's preliminary round.

12:57pm - The All Blacks have beaten Zambia 54-0 in the sevens.

12:52pm - Linda Villumsen is 12th, Kate Mciroy finished 19th, Rushlee Buchannan is 26th.

12:50pm -  Lucas missed out by half a bike length. 

12:47pm - Georgia Williams has won silver in the road race. Sharlotte Lucas finished fourth - just missing out. Chloe Hosking of Australia is the winner and Daniele Rowe of Wales is third. 

12:42pm - 4km left in the cycling. 

12:36pm - The All Blacks Sevens are about to face Zambia. The match is kicking off now. 

12:26pm - Kiwi Lizzie Cui is ninth after the first round of the women's 3m springboard final

12:17pm - 20km remains in the women's road race. 

12:00pm - The men's sevens are underway on the Gold Coast. 

11:50am - A bunch of Australians are leading the way right now. 

11:41pm - Just over 40km left. The New Zealanders remain in a strong position. 

11:05am - Jersey's Ashton continues to hold the lead over the peloton at the halfway stage of the race.

10:45pm - The second lap of the race is complete. Four more to go. It lookls like Aston is still leading with a bunch of Australians leading the peloton. 

10:20pm - The first lap of the race is complete. Kimberley Ashton is leading the way. 

9:54am - Six laps of the course, totalling around 112km. 

9:47am - Coverage starts early today with the women's road race underway now. Kiwis Bryony Botha, Georgia Williams, Kate McIlroy, Linda Villumsen, Rushlee Buchanan all going for medals in this race. 

Kia ora, good morning ... welcome to the penultimate day of Commonwealth Games action from the Gold Coast.

The last few days have been fairly quiet, but the last two days are full of action and many more medal opportunities for the New Zealanders.

Our athletes competing today include our road cyclists, the men's and women's team going for gold against Australia, and David Nyika looking for a second Commonwealth gold.

The full itinerary for Saturday is here