Commonwealth Games: As it happened - Day two

  • 06/04/2018


12:18am: Oh so close! New Zealand finish fourth at a time of 3:16.60.  Great effort at the end by Stanley. Australia dominated to win, followed by England and Scotland.

12:15am: Australia leading at the moment, who the rest of the pack well placed.

12:13am: Final event involving New Zealand - the 4x100m freestyle relay. Can New Zealand claim another medal before the day's finished?

11:52pm: Paul Coll has beaten Ivan Yuen 3-1 to progress to the men's squash quarterfinals.

11:50pm: The Tall Blacks have opened their Games account with a Tall one-sided 110-65 win over Nigeria.

11:45pm: Corey Main now up in the 100m backstroke final. He's well off the pace and finishes seventh. Australia's Mitch Larkin takes the gold.

11:30pm: Lewis Clareburt has won bronze in the men's 400m IM final! The 18-year-old broke his personal best by four seconds. What a Games debut! Fellow Kiwi Bradlee Ashby was fell off the pace and finished fifth.

11:26pm: Bronze for New Zealand! Dawkins claims third. Webster was well off the pace and finishes fifth. Great effort by Dawkins. He held the lead for the majority, but was beaten by Australian Matt Glaetzer Wales' Lewis Oliva.

11:22pm: Men’s keirin final up now with both Eddie Dawkins and Sam Webster featuring.

11:15pm: Morton cruises home to win gold for Australia. Hansen has to settle for silver. Great effort regardless by the Kiwi. Morton just too good.

11:14pm: Bradlee Ashby and Lewis Clareburt are also almost underway in the men's 400m IM final.

11:12pm: Hansen now getting ready for the second heat of the final. Anything else but a win would mean silver, and not gold for the Kiwi.

11:00pm: Hansen set to take on Morton in the first heat of the women's sprint final. Bell sounds and Morton takes it out.

10:57pm: Joelle King moves is through to the women's squash quarterfinals following a 3-1 win over Malaysia's Sivasangari Subramaniam.

10:52pm: Patrick Mailata wins his round of 16 match-up over Scotland's Mitchell Barton by unanimous decision in the men's 91kg boxing category.

10:50pm: Tupou Neiufi finishes fifth in the women’s 100m backstroke final.

10:45pm: In the keirin semi-finals, Webster wins and progresses with Dawkins, who finished third. They'll both race in the final.

10:33pm: Kennet takes out the bronze medal in a comfortable win over his Australian opponent.

10:28pm: Kennett now up in the men's 4000m individual pursuit bronze medal ride.

10:26pm: Hansen is underway! Oh my! She looks to have pulled it off, just. Wow, that was incredibly close as she just pipped Genest. She'll progress to the gold medal round. She won by a narrow  0.001 seconds.

10:22pm: Meanwhile, Boon's successfully clean and jerked 92kgs in her first attempt in the women's under 58kgs.

10:21pm: Hansen up shortly for her third heat of the women's sprint sem-final.

10:20pm: Transom finishes fifth with a personal best of 25.95. Awesome effort from the youngster.

10:14pm: 16-year-old Laticia Transom next up in the women's 50m freestyle semi-finals.

10:11pm: Genest just pips Hansen to take out the second heat in their semi-final match-up. Hansen held the lead, but Genest came in from the inside, to just beat her at the end. We'll have a third race decider.

10:09pm: Natasha Hansen up now in her second heat of the women's sprint semi-final. She took the first heat victory over Canadian Genest.

10:05pm: Campbell Grayson has been knocked out by James Willstrop in the men's round of 16 squash, losing 3-1.

10:04pm: The Tall Blacks have also just gotten underway, taking on Nigeria in their first game.

10:03pm: Dawkins absolutely blasts the field to win the heat and is through. Great performance. Really dominant.

9:55pm: Third repecharge heat coming up now - Dawkins will be competing in the fourth.

9:50pm: Keirin repecharge up now but Knipe can only finish fourth and won't advance. He bows out.

9:45pm: Willstrop has taken out the third set 11-7 and Grayson now trails 2 sets to 1.

9:44pm: Scotland wins gold, beating Australia in the women's individual pursuit.

9:39pm: Oh no, Hunter and Perry have to settle for fifth and sixth place with South Africa's Chad le Clos taking the win. Good effort from the Kiwi duo.

9:38pm: Men's 50m butterfly final now up - Sam Perry and Daniel Hunter in that.

9:35pm: Boon has a crack at 81kgs in the snatch and smashes it! She's currently in first place.

9:30pm: Grayson has taken game two against Willstrop 11-6. 

9:28pm: Boon nails her attempt at 79kgs in the snatch. Great stuff.

9:27pm: Hansen holds on to beat Genest in the first heat. The Canadian pushed hard at the end but it wasn't enough.

9:25pm: Hansen up now in the second semi-final against Canada's Lauriane Genest.

9:23pm: Women's sprint semi-finals are up next with Natasha Hansen featuring.

9:21pm: Boon successfully lifts 76kgs in her first attempt at the snatch.

9:20pm: Grayson conceded the first game to Willstrop, and is fighting hard in the second.

9:18pm: Dawkins falls short in his bid to follow Webster's lead, and has to settle for third. He misses out on automatic qualification.

9:16pm: Dawkins next up.

9:15pm: Webster is just pipped at the line, but second is good enough and he's through to the next round. He led throughout but couldn't quite hang on for first place.

9:11pm: Still two Kiwis to go; Sam Webster in the next heat three and Eddie Dawkins in heat four.

9:10pm: Unfortunate for Knipe, he can't get the top-two finish and he bows out. Finished at the very back of the pack.

9:07pm: Bradly Knipe is now underway in the second heat of the men's kierin.

9:03pm: Willstrop holding a 8-5 lead over Kiwi Grayson in the first game.

9:00pm: The Men's kierin first round is due to get underway anytime now with Bradly Knipe, Sam Webster and Eddie Dawkins in action.

8:56pm: King and Coll will also be underway shortly in their round of 16 matches. Really busy night for the Kiwis with swimming, cycling, boxing and basketball around too.

8:53pm: Grayson's also begun his match with Willstrop with the Englishman taking the early advantage.

8:52pm: The women's 58kgs is underway with Boon not too far off her first attempt. 

8:44pm: Also up shortly is Campbell Grayson taking on England's James Willstrop, who's ranked 14th in the world.

8:30pm: Boon competed at the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games in gymnastics. Speaks volumes of her naturally ability.

8:27pm: Alethea Boon is up shortly in the under 58kg's women's weightlifting. Really 'pulling' for her. She'll attempt her first snatch at 76kgs.

8:25pm: The women's four have beaten Zambia 21-8, and will square off against Norfolk Island shortly.

8:15pm: Lawn bowls men's pair have defeated Cook Islands 26-12 in Round 3. Solid win for the Kiwis.

New Zealand were far too good for Ghana.
New Zealand were far too good for Ghana. Photo credit: Photosport

8:06pm: So a great result for the Black Sticks, picking up an emphatic 12-0 victory over Ghana. Great stuff.

8:04pm: Bowls teams still in action - men's pair up 25-10 over the Cook Islands, while the women's four have gone out to a 19-6 lead over Zambia.

8:01pm: You guessed it, another one. Black Sticks now up 12-0 over their African opponents.

7:52pm: Wow, incredible scenes as the Black Sticks take a 11-0 lead over Ghana. They're scoring for fun.

7:40pm: Samantha Harrison scores another for New Zealand as the Black Sticks head into the third quarter break with a 7-0 lead over Ghana.

7:30pm: Meanwhile, our lawn bowls teams are in action, with the men's pair leading the Cook Islands 15-10 through 11 ends and the women's four lead 12-2 against Zambia.

7:27pm: Black Sticks coasting against Ghana, and extend their lead to 6-0 not long after halftime.

7:18pm: Emma Cumming and Olivia Podmore have been elimated in the women’s sprint quarterfinals, while Natasha Hansen is through to the semi-finals after beating Fatehah Mustapa.

7:17pm: The Black Sticks take the 4-0 lead over Ghana into halftime.

7:12pm: Shiloh Gloyn finds the back of the net and it's now a 4-0 lead over Ghana for the Black Sticks.

6:59pm: Meanwhile, Dylan Kennett finishes as the third fastest qualifier and will ride for bronze against Australia's Jordan Kerby later tonight.

6:58pm: New Zealand extend their lead to 3-0 after a goal from Samantha Charlton.

6:47pm: And just like that, make that a 2-0 lead over the African nation. Kelsey Smith with the goal.

6:45pm: Madison Doar has given the Black Sticks the 1-0 lead over Ghana in the first quarter.

6:25pm: Amanda Landers-Murphy has gone down 3-0 against top seed Laura Massaro of England in the women's singles round of 16.

6:15pm - Rough day at the office for weightlifter Vester Villalon, failing to complete any of his clean and jerk attempts. 

5:52pm - Some interesting fallout from David Nyika's win - his Antiguan opponent literally bit him!

Read more detail, including the Kiwi's reaction, right here.

5:31pm - Amanda Landers-Murphy about to take the squash court for her contest with gold-medal favourite/top seed Laura Massaro in the final round of 16.

5:26pm - Natasha Hansen is the lone Kiwi woman to advance to the semi-finals later this evening, scheduled for around 7:20pm.

5:14pm - Olivia Podmore up now, and she's unable to get the best of Australia's Kaarle McCulloch in their first race.

5:11pm - Hansen makes a brilliant start to her quarter-final, teasing her Malaysian opponent before gassing her on the outside and sweeping across the line to go 1-0 up.

5:05pm - Cumming first up in her sprint quarter-final against Australia's Stephanie Moreton, who's one of the medal favourites. She stamps that home with an emphatic performance over the Kiwi.

4:57pm - Emma Cumming completes a sweep of Kiwi riders who've progressed to the the quarter-finals of the sprint, coming up momentarily. 

4:48pm - Weightlifter Villalon takes on 121kgs...and comes up short. Never looked likely on that attempt.

4:42pm - Natsha Hansen qualifies for the women's sprint quarter-finals.

4:40pm - Weightlifter Vester Villalon fails on his first attempt at 118kgs. No mistake on the second attempt, a hearty pukana signals a successful lift.

4:38pm - Jo Edwards is back on the green, taking on England's Kathryn Rednall in her fourth match to date. She's behind 16-19 after 19 ends.

4:31pm - David Nyika is sporting a wide grin after his nerve-settling first-up performance in the ring.

"It was really important to get that first bout out the way. One at a time, one at a time," said the Kiwi heavyweight.

Must say, the new blonde barnet is really working for him, too.

4:30pm - The velodrome is back into full swing with a host of heats in the women's sprints opening a jam-packed schedule of racing for the evening.

4:25pm - New Zealand too strong for Wales as they close out a 70-44 demolition and maintain their unbeaten start on the Gold Coast.

4:20pm - We're into the action at the weightlifting once again, with Vester Villalon gunning for a medal in the men's 69kg final.

4:16pm - The Silver Ferns looking much better as they pour it on the Welsh in the final quarter, extending to a 62-39 lead with seven minutes to play.

4:09pm - There it is, unanimous decision victory for Nyika to start his Gold Coast campaign in style.

4:06pm - Nyika keeping his output high as a dominant performance winds to a close. Comprehensive win coming up for the Glasgow gold-medallist.

4:03pm - The bell sounds for the end of the second round and it's all Nyika. The Kiwi perhaps chasing that KO blow a little too hard, but he's clearly a notch above.

4:01pm - Nyika turning up the intensity now, mixing the power shots up top and to the body as the Antiguan looks increasingly outclassed.

3:58pm - Boxer David Nykia's opening bout against his Antinguan opponent is underway. The Kiwi's pushing all the action so far, forcing two standing eight-counts in an impressive first round.

3:55pm - Three-quarter time in the Netball with New Zealand now pulling well away from the Welsh, out to a 15-goal advantage.

3:37pm - It's a slim five-goal lead for NZ as the two sides head into the sheds for halftime.

3:35pm - Incredible fightback here from the Welsh ladies as they cut the NZ lead to just one goal. Only a few minutes remain until halftime, where you'd expect coach Janine Southby to deliver (another) stern team talk.

3:15pm - The Ferns are doing it easy so far, the Wales defence allowing them plenty of room to operate as they push out to a 23-14 lead at the end of the first quarter.

3:06pm - The Silver Ferns and Wales are underway! NZ take an early 8-4 advantage.

3:05pm - A goal added each way as the contest winds to a close and it's the Black Sticks who emerge with a convincing 5-2 win over Canada in their opening match.

2:46pm - Consolation goal for the Canadians to get on the board. Just 5-1 behind now in the fourth quarter.

2:38pm - GOAL NEW ZEALAND - Stunning strike by Stephen Jenness into the top right corner to push the score out to 5-0. The goals are coming thick and fast now as they approach the end of the third quarter.

2:36pm - GOAL NEW ZEALAND - Dane Lett strikes from a penalty corner to put NZ out to a commanding 4-0 lead.

2:33pm - GOAL(S) NEW ZEALAND - The Kiwis go 3-0 ahead through a scavenging effort from George Muir, just moments after Nick Woods snared NZ's second.

2:10pm - Brilliant heat from the NZ men's 4 x 100m relay, first place with a time of 3.17.96.

2:08pm - GOAL NEW ZEALAND -  A perfectly-executed penalty corner sees the Kiwis go 1-0 up over Canada in the second quarter. Kane Russell is the goal-scorer.

2:03pm - Fresh off their opening win over Uganda on Thursday night, the Silver Ferns take on Wales in just an hour's time.

2:00pm - Jesse Reynolds touches in third in his S9 100m freestyle heat with a time of 1.00.06. That should be good enough for a spot in the final.

1:57pm - Kiwi para-swimmer Tupou Neifi comes in sixth in her SS9/S8 100m women's backstroke heat.

1:47pm - Fantastic duel between Papua New Guinea and India for the gold in the 53kg weightlifting.

Loa Dika Toua cleans comfortably...but she can't jerk! India's Khumukcham secures gold. NZ's Patterson finishes in sixth.

1:44pm - Lewis Clareburt and Bradlee Ashby finish fourth and fifth respectively in their 400m individual medley heats.

1:36pm - England's Fraer Morrow has bumped the Kiwi weightlifter out of medal contention. You could say Pip's been pipped.

Sorry about that.

1:34pm - The O'Dea brothers have won their preliminary contest against Cyprus 2-1 to advance to the Beach Volleyball. 

1:33pm - Bobbi Glichard has qualified for the 100m backstoke semi-finals. That will race at 10:55pm.

1:31pm - Meanwhile the Black Sticks men are underway in their opening match against Canada. Good luck, eh?

1:29pm - The highly-fancied Canadian is up to the bar - and she hoists her 98kg lift confidently. That moves her into first position, and the Kiwi down to third.

1:27pm - Patterson smashes the 95kg lift! She's into the silver medal position with just a handful of competitors to come. 

1:22pm - Patterson does it again - up goes the 93kg. She'll be aiming for 95kg on her third and final lift of the competition. She's currently sitting in bronze medal position.

1:11pm - Pip Patterson steps up for her first attempt on the clean and jerk and nails the 91kg load.

12:56pm - Taihape teen Leticia Leigh-Transom puts in an impressive opening effort, finishing second in her 50m freestyle heat.

12:49pm - Matt Stanley finishes fifth in his 200m freestyle heat to kick things off for the Kiwis.

12:40pm - Lawn bowler Jo Edwards has fallen short in her second match of the Games, losing to England's Katherine Rednall 17-21 in the third round of the singles.

12:26pm - Conditions looking superb at the Aquatic centre just moments away from the start of today's racing.

12:22pm - Spirits are certainly high for the New Zealand field athletics team ahead of the start of their events on Monday.

12:20pm - No sweat on the second attempt for Patterson who gets the green light on 76kg to temporarily move into third place.

12:18pm - Patterson now stepping the weight up to 76kgs, enocourages the corwd to make some noise - lift is good but she can't control the bar falling behind her. That was close.

12:03pm - Pip Patterson makes light work of 73kgs on her first attempt, brushing the dirt off her shoulder as she leaves the platform with a smile on her face.

11:55am - We'll be back to the pool in about 30 minutes where a whole host of Kiwis will be competing in their swimming heats, including Bradlee Ashby and 16-year-old Leticia-Leigh Transom.

11:51AM - The weightlifters are into their work, with Pip Patterson the first Kiwi up in the women's U-53kg division.

11:22am - Jo Edwards is underway in her third singles bowls match, while Ali Forsyth, Mike Nagy, Paul Girdler (men's triples) are also in action. 

11:00am - Good morning. There are a number of Kiwis competing for medals today. Yesterday New Zealand won three medals, including a gold at the velodrome.

Kia ora, good morning... welcome to our live updates of day two of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

We have a number of New Zealanders in action today, including our boxers, our squash athletes, our lawn bowlers and plenty more

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