Commonwealth Games: As it happened - day five

  • 09/04/2018

12:15pm: That's all from us. We've just had the 100m final. It's a one-two finish for South Africa with Simbine winning gold. Thanks for joining us. Be sure to join us tomorrow for another day on the Gold Coast.

12:00am: Silver Ferns beat Scotland 60-29. Good response by the team.

11:45pm: NZ leading Scotland 44-21 after the third quarter in the netball.

11:35pm: Women's Black Sticks about to take on Australia. Really important game.

11:20pm: He's done it! Walsh has won the gold medal. He wins with a throw of 21.4. What a day for New Zealand.

11:15pm: Walsh's fifth throw is again red flagged. Has one more throw but still leads.

11:05pm: Walsh throws 21.41m on his fourth attempt. Still leads.

11:00pm: Liti does it! The 21-year-old lifts 229kgs and is first place. Pakistan's Butt can't follow and the Kiwi wins the gold medal. Incredible!

10:54pm: Walsh's third attempt is red flagged. Looked good but not to be.

10:48pm: Liti can't clean and jerk 227kgs and stays in third place.

10:46pm: Walsh moves into first place with a throw of 21.21m.

10:43pm: Tom Walsh is currently in second place with a throw of 20.40m.

10:42pm: Incredible! Liti is in the lead! He just clean and jerked 220kgs. Great lift.

10:35pm: Tom Walsh about to get underway now in the men's shot put final.

10:31pm: Sophie Pascoe has surged to her second gold medal of the Games, winning the 100m breaststroke final.

10:27pm: Willstrop has beaten Coll 3 games to love win the gold medal. Great showing by Coll, but the English veteran was just too good.

10:17pm: Tall Blacks have beaten Canada 82-60 to seal their spot in the semi-finals.

10:13pm: Willstrop takes the second game 11-4. Too good.

10:08pm: Willstrop coasting at the moment, he's up 8-2.

10:03pm: There's also some weightlifting going on. David Liti just lifted 174kg on the snatch.  He's third heading into the clean and jerk.

10:00pm: Willstrop takes the first game 11-9. Coll fought hard but couldn't quite pull it back. Plenty of action early on.

9:55pm: Coll pulls off a crazy dive to give himself a chance, but Willstrop shows his class to win it. The Englishman needs 8-7 in the first game.

9:48pm: The Tall Blacks are currently leading Canada 59-39 deep into the third quarter.

9:45pm: We're underway in the men's final now with our very own Paul Coll up against England's James Willstrop. We're tied 1-1.

9:30m: She's done it! King wins the fifth and final game 11-8 and it's gold for the Kiwi!

9:16pm: Perry has pulled back a couple and it's now 5-3 to King.

9:13pm: Great start for King in game five, up 3-0.

9:10pm: King has a game-ball chance but she can't convert and Perry captalises to take game four 12-11 and we're going to a decider!

9:07pm: Massive controversy! King wants a review but they refuse. Ball looked to have hit the floor, but they won't check it. Point to Perry. 

9:05pm: It's a tight affair and Perry now responds. King leads 9-8, can she hold on?

9:02pm: King now leads! 8-7 to the Kiwi in game four.

9:01pm: King is fighting back really hard and it's now just a 7-6 lead to Perry.

8:58pm: King's been taken out by Perry. Hard collision there. Perry leads game four 6-2.

8:55pm: Perry with all the momentum right now and has an early 3-0 lead in game four.

8:50: Perry wins the third game 11-6! She's come back really well. Can King seal the match in the fourth?

8:49pm: Perry is taking an injury timeout after running straight into wall. Was "self-inflicted" as the judge put it, so she'll have bit of a breather. Perry leads King 8-4.

8:44pm: Perry leads 6-1 and seems to be having bit of meltdown now. She's complaining about some sweat on the court and is giving the judge an earful.

8:41pm: Perry has started the third game well and leads 3-1. It's a best of five, so if King wins this game, she takes home the gold.

8:37pm: King takes the second game 11-8 and she's up two games to 0. One more to go!

8:33pm: Tall Blacks are also set to get underway against Canada. A win would see them go through to the semi-finals.

8:32pm: Now King takes a tumble. Been quite fiesty between the two. King leads 8-6.

8:26pm: Perry is complaining a lot about King getting in the way of her playing shots. Judge having none of it. King leads second game 4-2.

8:23pm: Perry makes a costly mistake and King takes the first game 16-14! 

8:20pm: King has had three opportunities to claim the first game, but Perry is fighting back hard. It's 14-all.

8:15pm: It's been very tight so far and we're locked in at 7-all.

8:11pm: King's brought it back and we're tied 5 a piece. 

8:10pm: Perry has taken an early 3-2 lead.

8:06pm: OK, we're just about underway in King's match with Perry for the gold!

7:30pm: It's pretty quiet at the moment, but will pick up shortly, and pick up it will! Joelle King's gold medal match against Sarah-Jane Perry in the women's squash singles final is about 30 minutes away. 

7:14pm - New Zealand are leading Zambia 3-0 after two ends in round one of the women's triples lawn bowls. 

7:01pm - Kiwi beach volleyballers Shaunna Polley and Kelsie Wills have defeated Vanuatu 2-0. 

6:08pm - Failed third attempt for Lambrechs on 129kg. 

5:59pm - Solid 120kg lift from Lambrechs. Now sitting in fourth. 

5:49pm - Lambrechs has had a 119kg lift overruled by the jury, declaring it a no lift. 

5:38pm - Hubbard officially out of games with elbow injury. More here

5:28pm - Hubbard receiving physiotherapy after possible elbow dislocation. 

5:17pm - Laurel Hubbard has finished on a 120kg snatch. No lift for her final attempt at 132kg. 

5:02pm - Gymnast Kyleab Ellis has finished 7th in the men's artistic gymnastics vault final. 

4:45pm - The lawn bowls mixed pair have beaten England 16 - 13 in round 5. 

4:35pm - Lambrechs gets a successful third lift on 93kg. 

4:30pm - Weightlifter Tracy Lambrechs gets three white lights for her first lift at 89kg. 

2:58pm - Shannon McIlroy has defeated Andrew Newell of Jamacia with a score of 21 - 0.

2:55pm - Samoan weightlifting coach Jerry Wallwork has hit out at lifter Laurel Hubbard. Click here to see what he said about the Kiwi. 

2:15pm - Lawn bowls - men's singles, round one Shannon McIlroy's first bowls match of the games is about to start. He is taking on Jamaica.

While, your para mixed pairs are facing England in their fifth round match. No other Kiwis competing till 4pm now. 

1:52pm - In more great news, the Cook Islands have won their first ever medal at the Commonwealth Games. Men's pair lawn bowls team Taiki Paniani and Aidan Zittersteijn who have won Bronze beating Malta 17-11.

1:49pm - Samoa has won its first gold of the games. Sanele Mao wins the gold in the weightlifting. He finished ninth back in Glasgow. 

1:33pm - Sophie Pascoe finishes first in the Women's SB9/SB8 100m Breaststroke heat one with a time of 1.17.92. 

1:29pm - Both Daniel Hunter and Sam Perry have both quaified for the semi-finals of the 50m freestyle. 

1:27pm - Jo Edwards and Val Smith have beaten Fiji in Round one with a score of 17 – 16 in the women's mixed lawn bowls. 

1:19pm - Sam Perry was fifth in his heat of the 50m freestyle. His time was 22.93. 

1:17pm - Daniel Hunter finishes third in his 50m freestyle heat, with a time of 22.32.

1:01pm - Swimmer Bobbi Gichard has finished 4th in the Women's 50m Backstroke heat 3.  

12:46pm - Swimmer Lewis Clareburt finishes 5th in heat 3 of the Men's 200m Backstroke. 

12:40pm - Chalaev finishes on 5th at the end of the snatch round. 

12:23pm - Chalaev finishes with best lift of 148kg.  

12:03pm - Kiwi shooters Brian Carter and John Snowden are preparing to compete in day one of the Queen’s Prize Pairs Finals.

11:35am - Stainslav Chalaev is about to compete in the Men's 105KG weightlifting final. 

10:50am - Jo Edwards and Val Smith will face Fiji in the women's pairs lawn bowls first up on day five. 

Kia ora, good morning... welcome to our live updates of day five of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

We have a number of New Zealanders in action today with Tim Walsh, Laurel Hubbard, Sophie Pascoe all looking for gold in their respective sports.

Also in action today is our swimmers and our lawn bowlers continue to hit the green.

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