Commonwealth Games: Marathon runner Callum Hawkins collapses 2km from line

  • 15/04/2018

Scotland marathon runner Callum Hawkins collapsed from heat exhaustion just 2km from the finish line in the men's marathon, missing out on a Commonwealth Games gold medal.

The 25-year-old was leading the race and could sniff the gold medal, before appearing to lose control of his legs and falling into a gutter in the 28degC heat.

He got back up and kept on running for another couple of hundred metres before his legs buckled and he collapsed again, hitting his head on a roadside barrier.

Commonwealth Games: Marathon runner Callum Hawkins collapses 2km from line
Photo credit: AAP

It took a couple of minutes for medical staff to attend to the Scotsman, who was lying on the road in clear distress in front of many spectators.

In marathon running you cannot be aided by a member of the public or you will be disqualified.

BBC Sports commentator Steve Cram said it was "a disgrace" that it took so long for any paramedics to attend to Hawkins.

"I'm just concerned for his welfare," he said. "He hit his head on the barrier. I'm sorry if you're watching this at home, it's really distressing. He's going to hurt himself, and there's nobody anywhere near.

"We should have some more medical attention. This is a guy in real distress and someone needs to recognise it for his health at this point.

"Where on earth is the help? You cannot just wait at the finish line. They've got radios. And finally, somebody arrives. I think it's disgraceful."

Australia's Michael Shelley overtook the Scot to win the race in 2hr, 16m 46s.

Hawkins was eventually helped into an ambulance, and a statement from Team Scotland said he was "receiving medical treatment".