Commonwealth Games: Mountain bike champion Sam Gaze apologises to rival

Commonwealth Games mountain bike champion Sam Gaze has apologised for his post-race outburst that saw him accuse NZ teammate Anton Cooper of bad sportsmanship.

Gaze suffered mechanical difficulties entering the final lap of their seven-lap event at the Nerang State Forest on Thursday afternoon, but mounted a miraculous comeback to overhaul Cooper and South African Alan Hatherly to snatch the gold medal.

Four years ago, Cooper took the gold medal at Glasgow, with Gaze settling for silver, but today, the tables were turned, with Cooper trailling his fellow Kiwi across the line.

Commonwealth Games: Bad blood mars Kiwi gold-silver mountain bike medals

After the race, the winner accused his rival of taking advantage of his misfortune to push his claims for victory.

"There's good sportsmanship and there's not, and I felt like that wasn't there today," Gaze said. "It's a bit of a shame really.

"That's racing, you can't get along with everyone. The good guys always win."

But with the benefit of a few hours to reflect, Gaze has apologised for his behaviour, which included putting his finger to his lips in a "shhhhh" gesture as he crossed the line, as if to silence his critics.

"Hey everyone, thank you for today's support," he has posted on Facebook. "I am happy to have won the race, but am gravely disappointed with my actions.

"I am an emotional guy, although that emotion won me the race today, it also was what got the better of me."

Gaze continued to express his dismay and his admiration for Cooper.

"I am really embarrassed for how I acted and how the impact of how special of a day it was for New Zealand Cycling was tainted by my actions.

"I have caught up with Anton and apologised personally, but I wanted to let the NZ team here on the Gold Coast and the NZ public know that I acted in the heat of the moment, and will work on making sure this type of action doesn't happen again."