Commonwealth Games: No effort spared on Gold Coast security

As eyes turn to the Commonwealth Games, a formidable force will be watching them.

Air Force, Army, Police and security make up a group 10,000 strong - more than one for every athlete -  as Queensland faces its biggest test. 

"Clearly, because of the nature of this event, this is the biggest security operation the state’s ever had," says Goldoc chairman Peter Beattie.

Some 600,000 extra people are arriving on Australia’s Gold Coast, including the next in line to the throne.

Everyone will need protection and no resource is being spared.

Nearly a third of Queensland’s police have been diverted here to the Gold Coast and thousands of soldiers are here as well.

That’s why organisers believe, right now, the safest place in Australia is here at the Commonwealth Games.

There are fighter jets from Australia’s Air Force.

"All capabilities they have at their disposal have been made available to us," says Queensland deputy police commissioner Steve Gollschewski.

And guns that disable drones in the sky. 

"It works very effectively," says Mr Gollschewski. "We can detect and then prevent people using drones."

 Every person and vehicle will be checked for weapons - organisers are confident that will be enough.

"While there’s no threat, we can’t take that for granted," says Mr Beattie. "We have to be prepared." 

 In a country where the terror threat level is probable, even being prepared is no guarantee.