Commonwealth Games: Photo-finish fires up fairweather fans

  • 11/04/2018
100m finish
Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 100m finish. Photo credit: Getty

A few days glued to their TV screens and suddenly everyone on Twitter is a Commonwealth Games expert.

Social media has gone berserk this week, after an official photo-finish of the Gold Coast men's 100m appears to suggest that gross injustice has been perpetrated.

Jamaican favourite Yohan Blake was surprisingly beaten into third place, as Akani Simbine and Henricho Bruintjies claimed a South African quinella - the first time the sprint title had left the Caribbean in 20 years.

But some eagle-eyed fans are outraged that Blake was adjudged to have pipped Nigerian Seye Ogunlewe for third, when the African appeared to have out-leaned his rival.

The explanation from Games organisers was almost lost amid the storm of controversy.

"Hi, it's great everyone is so excited about such a close finish," they tweeted in response. "The IAAF rules state it is the torso that needs to cross the line, and specifically not the head, neck or limbs, Thanks".

Even Ogunlewe appears bemused by his support, but has used the opportunity to lobby his government for greater support in future.