Commonwealth Games: Poor dress rehearsal no distraction for Andrea Hewitt

  • 04/04/2018

Kiwi triathlete Andrea Hewitt has shrugged off a mediocre display at the recent International Triathlon World Cup meet in New Plymouth.

The 36-year-old will go into Thursday's Gold Coast Commonwealth Games race having struggled to impress in her last-up effort on home soil.

She finished ninth in Taranaki last week - a far cry from her most recent Gold Coast run, a victory in the 2017 World Triathlon Series event.

A 2006 Melbourne Games bronze medallist, Christchurch-based Hewitt said her showing at Southport Broadwater Parklands would be more akin to her 2017 run than her Taranaki flop.

Like in New Plymouth, the race will be held at sprint distance - a 750m open-water swim, 20km cycle and 5km run.

"Winning on the Gold Coast was a lot different," Hewitt said on Wednesday. "I was the leader on the World Triathlon Series [and] came in with a win in Abu Dhabi, so I had nothing to lose," 

"This year, I was seventh in Abu Dhabi.

"In New Plymouth, I didn't fly, but I'm feeling a lot better now and confident of having a better race here."

The Gold Coast Games will be Hewitt's third, following on from her bronze-medal effort at Melbourne and fourth placing at Glasgow.

There was no triathlon at the 2010 New Delhi Games.

She's just one of two Gold Coast triathletes, alongside Bermudan star Flora Duffy, to have fought it out for Melbourne medals.

"I was in my second year in triathlon in 2006, so it was a surprise to be there," Hewitt said.

"I would love to medal here. I've already planned my season afterwards, so I am going to continue on."