Commonwealth Games: Robyn Broughton slams Silver Ferns lack of camaraderie

  • 12/04/2018

Former Southern Sting and Silver Ferns assistant coach Robyn Broughton believes there is a lack of camaraderie in the national team.

New Zealand has failed to fire at the Commonwealth Games - losing to both Malawi and England in pool play, and as a result, they just scraped through to the semi-finals of the tournament where they will face Australia for a spot in the gold medal match.

A loss would mean that it would be the first time in Games' history that the Ferns have not contested for gold since Netball was introduced to the Commonwealth Games in 1998.

So far in 2018, the Silver Ferns have won six and lost six matches which has led to plenty of criticism of the players and coach Janine Southby

Speaking to the AM Show, Broughton said the team culture has become worse over the last few weeks.

Robyn Broughton.
Robyn Broughton. Photo credit: Photosport

"I don't think the culture looks like it should," she said.

"I'm a great one for when teams perform well, especially top sporting team, have their own culture, and it looks like to me as if there is not enough camaraderie and encouraging one another on the court.

"Things like that are easily done with the odd pat on the back or a thumbs up, but you don't see that, you see worried faces and what are we doing next - that kind of thing.

When asked by Duncan Garner if Southby is the right woman for the job, Broughton gave an interesting response.

"It doesn't look like it to me at the moment."

The Silver Ferns play Australia in their semi-final on Saturday night, while England and Jamaica will play in the other semi-final.