Commonwealth Games: Silver Ferns are showing they're beatable - Willering

  • 09/04/2018

The Silver Ferns brand has taken a hammering in 2018, according to former coach Yvonne Willering after losing to Malawi at the Commonwealth Games - their fifth loss of the year.

New Zealand held a 10-point lead in the third quarter, but then they crumbled as Malawi ended up on top, winning 57-53.

It's the first time Malawi have ever beaten the Silver Ferns, and speaking to Newshub, Willering believes it'll now take more than a podium finish at the Commonwealth Games to repair the damage long term.

"You could say that if they end up on the podium, then all is forgiven, but no, because it is going to go into the history books," she told Newshub.

"Teams now know that the Ferns are beatable, so it is going to take time to get that back.

"If they fail to medal, it is major. We have always been there, we have always been in a final so if you look at it from the international perspective.

"It is good for the game to have other teams involved but at the moment it is through the Ferns demise.

"(Opposition teams) are outplaying the Silver Ferns at the moment, but we know the Ferns are capable of more."

Netball has been a regular fixture at the Commonwealth Games since 1998, and New Zealand has either won gold or silver during that period.

Willering said that Malawi's reaction after beating the Ferns showed how much it meant to them.

"Through Malawi's reaction it was a big deal, and it obviously was because that was never expected.

"With the Ferns having played Malawi in the Tani Jamison trophy, and winning comfortably, then with Malawi losing to Uganda, I think maybe the ferns took them lightly." 

The Silver Ferns play Scotland tonight, and then they face England in their final pool match on Wednesday.