Commonwealth Games: The incredible perks of staying in the athletes' village

Think size and colour - the Commonwealth Games athletes' village has both in spades.

The 'village' title was clearly no accident. It houses 6600 athletes from the 71 competing nations and territories all around the world.

Before you even enter the village, you go through an airport-style security check, but on the other side, you are instantly immersed in colour, music and good vibes.

Just take the best parts of each nation's culture and mix them together - that's what the atmosphere is like inside.

Let's talk about the accommodation.

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There are several, multi-story apartments lacing the skyline and each one is decorated with the teams' unique flags and banners.

It's no surprise Australia's is not at all subtle, the green and gold literally hitting you in the face as soon as you walk into the village.

The self-contained apartments have two bedrooms with two single beds each - not ideal for the taller athletes, but I'm told they do come with an extender.

The New Zealand section has plenty of Kiwi quirks to make the athletes feel at home, including a lolly jar with Pineapple Lumps, Jaffas and the works.

As far as amenities go, the village can best be described as 'a dreamland'.

There's an ice cream store, hair salon, nail bar and gaming centre - but the most popular spot for all participants is the food hall. Unfortunately, our village chaperones wouldn't let us in to test it out, so I can't brag about how good it is, but I trust the athletes.

Oh, and did I mention everything is completely free for the athletes? Just in case you needed another excuse to train hard and one day get to the Games.

"I never want to leave," a Kiwi competitor told me on my way out. Now I see why.