Commonwealth Games: The truth behind Julia Ratcliffe's sweet tooth

  • 11/04/2018

One thing you quickly learn about newly crowned Commonwealth Games hammer champion Julia Ratcliffe - don't get between her and her confectionery.

Hamiltonian Ratcliffe, 24, was a surprise winner of her specialty event on the Gold Coast on Tuesday, after handling wet and slippery throwing conditions better than her rivals.

Her fifth throw of 69.94m capped a consistent series and although down on her best, she finished a metre clear of Australian Alexandra Hulley.

Interviewed by Newhub's Kirstie Stanway afterwards, the conversation quickly turned to the real secret to Ratcliffe's success.

"We saw, during the competition, you were eating gummy bears," commented Stanway.

"They were actually gummy snakes - big difference," insisted Ratcliffe. "It's funny though, I offer them to people and they act like 'oh, she's got the poison snakes, she's done something to them'.

"I saw Holly Robinson, when she was throwing javelin, tore open a packet and [TV cameras] zoomed in on her as she had one halfway in her mouth. She looked like she had been snapped in the act - I really related to that on a personal level."

As an added reward to our Games gold medallists, Newshub has offered them a little extra something to sweeten the deal - pineapple lumps.

Ratcliffe virtually inhaled the bag. 

"Do you like them?" asked Stanway.

"Definitely," responded Ratcliffe.

"Do you want to rip them open?" said Stanway.

"Why not?" consented Ratcliffe. "They're not making them anymore, are they? People are in crisis."

"Are you going to share them?" begged Stanway.

"Would you like one?" offered Ratcliffe. "Get in there."

Between the pair, Stanway and Ratcliffe may or may not have consumed the week's supply of lumps in one sitting.