Commonwealth Games: Two Indian athletes sent home after syringes found in room

  • 13/04/2018

Indian athletes Rakesh Babu and Irfan Thodi have been booted from the Commonwealth Games after syringes were found in their rooms.

Officials said pair have been evicted from the village and will be on the first flight back to India. 

Babu competed in the triple jump and was scheduled to take part in Saturday's final, after qualifying fifth. 

Thodi competed in the 20km race walk on day one of the Games and finished 13th. 

Before the Gold Coast Games began, officials launched an investigation after a cleaner discovered needles at the athletes' village. 

But an Indian team doctor claimed they were used for a vitamin B injection to a member of the team.

Under the 2018 Commonwealth Games doping standard, a 'no-needle' policy applies to athletes for the entire Games period.