Gold Coast bongo players, fire twirlers challenge council ban

An Australian group that enjoys bongos and fire twirling at a Gold Coast park is standing its ground after being told the fun is over.

Hundreds of people gather at Justins Park in Burleigh Heads every Sunday for an extravaganza from 5:30pm until the strict stop time of 8:30pm.

"That's probably our main rule," says fire twirlers representative Kyle Staff.

"Everyone's got to finish right on 8:30pm - mainly just for the residents and the people around here, we don't want to bother them for too long."

They have been at it for around 20 years, but now the Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) has stepped in with some news.

"They put a sign up in the park... telling us that drumming, fire twirling, and slacklining was all banned in the park, you need a permit to do it."

Bongos at Burleigh Heads
The bongos start at 5:30pm every Sunday. Photo credit: Newshub.

Mr Staff says when they tried to get the permit they were told no such permit exists.

"We don't know what to do."

The GCCC didn't clarify this when asked by Newshub, instead it detailed ways applications for permits could be lodged.

Dozens of complaints have been received about the group, a council spokesperson says.

"[A local councilor] has met with the key drumming group on many occasions to try to resolve the issues.

"Like other activities in our parks such as fitness training, this group will require a permit as that process ensures public liability insurance is in place should someone be injured."

The group has pulled back on fire twirling for now, but the bongos were still pumping in protest last week.

"Everyone's coming here as a community just to get together and have a good night," says Mr Staff.

"There's no need to stop it... No one's getting hurt, nothing bad is happening - leave it how it is."

No infringement notices have been issued yet, the council says.