Gold Coast businesses 'empty' despite Commonwealth Games

While you'd think the Commonwealth Games would be great for Gold Coast local businesses, many say they're actually struggling.

They're blaming officials for using scare tactics to keep an expected three-quarters of a million visitors away.

An industry support group leader in the area, Glenn Day, owns five restaurants on the Coast, but says he's still waiting to cash in on the Games.

"People would have staffed up, [brought] more stock in," he told Newshub.

"It just hasn't been turning over and you haven't had the hours for the staff, but it's costing us money."

Businesses struggled in the lead-up, with constant roading upgrades pushing people away.

Mr Day says they had banked on the Games being their cash cow.

"We've lost quite a lot of money in the lead-up to the Games, so there's nothing in the coffers. It won't give us the build-up we've been looking forward to."

Minutes up the road, it's a similar story in Surfers Paradise. Christine Broadway runs a bar with her son and is blaming the council and government for scaring people off.

"The roads were going to be very busy; the traffic was going to be impossible, but the M1 was going to be blocked."

Many cafes and bars in the area are sharing similar stories of being practically empty, but there seems to be little sympathy from Mayor Tom Tate, or Games organisers.

"Get out there and market," Mr Tate says.

"I mean, I never sat still when I ran my businesses."

Commonwealth Games chief executive Mark Peters shared the sentiment.

"Maybe in some areas people who have normally come in and dined their have heeded the message too much, but we're not hearing that."

But it is what many locals are saying - now dubbing their seaside town the "Ghost Coast".