Gold Coast tourists stunned by intense screeching chorus of birds

Drowning out the sounds of Broadbeach nightlife on the Gold Coast is an all-natural noise pollutant.

Rainbow lorikeet roost in the trees around the beachside suburb.

Coming in their hundreds, the incessant screeching of these colourful native parrots is a talking point for tourists, but for locals they're just a part of everyday life.

A local icecream vendor, located directly beneath the seemingly deafening chorus, says despite them being very noisy, her and other locals are used to it.

"A lot of people from overseas, and that, do come in and ask [about the noise]," she says.

The birds present a unique challenge for Gold Coast Festival 2018 soundies.

They are regularly situated in trees just metres from one of the main entertainment stages.

Audio engineer Cam says there's only one thing for it.

"The best bet is just to turn it up... get it up and over them."

Watch the video.