Kiwi volleyballers sniff out bizarre life hack

  • 06/04/2018

New Zealand beach volleyballers have sniffed out what could be the most bizarre life hack to deal with hot weather.

Shaunna Polley and Kelsie Wills are on Australia’s Gold Coast to compete in the Commonwealth Games, which kicked off on Wednesday night.

During an interview with Newshub Sport's Kirstie Stanway, Polley says the pair was once given "menthol sniffy things" when they went to Asia.

"Menthol has been proven to be really good when it's really hot to trick your brain into thinking you’re cold... You have a little sniff and then you think that you’re cold."

"We haven't used it [the sniffy things] in a while actually," adds Wills.

Menthol is a natural substance that's found in mint plants.

National Poisons Centre medical director Dr Adam Pomerleau encourages menthol stick users to follow instructions on labels and talk to their doctors.