Travelling with guns: Competitive shooter Chloe Tipple's firearm drama

Travelling overseas isn't always easy, especially if you're a competitive shooter.

Chloe Tipple will compete in the skeet shooting event at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast this month.

While the Kiwi made it to Australia with no problems, that wasn't the case a month ago on her way to a World Cup in Mexico.

The 26-year-old thought she was all sorted with the required pre-flight firearms approvals - then her flight changed at the last minute.

"That's where I got caught in trouble," she says.

"I had to book a brand new flight. I couldn't get firearms approval."

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Tipple was forced to rock up to the competition without a gun, hoping another athlete would lend her one.

"I got to the competition and asked around, and had an amazing athlete from Saudi Arabia let me borrow his gun for the entire competition," she says.

"We're all very understanding of each other because everyone's going to have issues. Travelling with guns and ammunition... you've got to expect it."

Despite the challenge, Tipple managed to place 10th.