Vision impaired lawn bowlers recount 'horror' Commonwealth Games moment

Vision impaired lawn bowlers Sue Curran and David Stallard have opened up about "the horror" of coming fourth at the last Commonwealth Games.

The Kiwi pair was narrowly beaten for a bronze medal by Australia in Glasgow's 2014 Games. It was very disappointing, Curran says.

"We let ourselves down. They outplayed us, they deserved the win at the time... It was very hard to take."

Stallard says all it takes is one mistake to go off course.

"It cost us. That's what happened."

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Four years on, Curran and Stallard, aged 71 and 69, are back to compete on the Gold Coast - and they're feeling more confident than ever.

"We've got way more experience... We want to get into it," says Curran.

"The bad end that we might put up, I think we can handle that a lot better now."

Vision impaired lawn bowls

Key bits of guidance are given to vision impaired lawn bowlers by directors.

"The director will give us the direction of the bowl, which way that they want us to go, which is the best hand to play," says Curran.

"They also give us the distance that the jack is sitting on and also where the opposition bowls are."

Curran's director is Ann Muir and Stallard's is Peter Blick.

"They are our eyes... We have to take the information that they give us and play to that."