America's Cup 2021: American Magic survive another scare before Prada Cup return

American Magic has had another close call on the water, narrowly avoiding another capsize in the build up to tomorrow's Prada Cup semi finals. 

The team will line up in two races against Luna Rossa to begin a challenger series experts are saying will be the closest in America's Cup history.

"There's still a little bit more to iron out with the boat," trimmer Paul Goodison tells Newshub.

"But it was impressive considering it hasn't been sailed in the state it was in the last time it was on the water."

But Wednesday's return to the Waitemata wasn't all plain sailing, as Patriot produced a big splash late in the day as a result of some technical issues they're still trying to iron out.

"We had a battery trip at one point where you lose control of some of the functions and you're kind of just along for the ride," says Goodison.

"There were a few things that have been put in place to resolve that today, so hopefully we're in control.

"I think we're all very aware of that and it's one bad decision and you're in trouble."

Getting out a day earlier has given the team more time to test all the technical elements on the boat ahead of a tough semi-final.

"This is a really brutal series," says sailing expert Rochard Gladwell. 

"The way it's set up you've got two races a day and it's first to win four races so if they did race tomorrow then the whole thing could be over by saturday afternoon then one team's packing up to go home.

The British challenge has already proved comebacks are possible.

In December they were by far the worst, but now they're top qualifier and waiting in the Prada Cup final.

"Despite all their speed and science and everything else they're just so closely matched... it's incredible," says Gladwell.

But the American think they have something the Italians don't.

"I feel like we're a much stronger, much tighter unit now and hopefully that will help us through the tough times and the good times over the next three-to-four days."

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