America's Cup 2021: NYYC American Magic near return to water for challenger semis

The curtain of NYYC American Magic's shed remained closed on Sunday, but skipper Terry Hutchinson had some good news.

"The boat’s coming to life pretty quickly," says Hutchinson. 

Which is remarkable, considering seven days ago it looked a mess, after a spectacular crash on the Hauraki Gulf, during America's Cup challenger racing. 

"To see it come out of the water like that and to have it gaping and hanging over the tarmac, you see the whole campaign go down the drain at that moment," flight controller Andrew Campbell tells Newshub.

But the team has banded together to repair broken parts, and re-wire electronic and hydraulic equipment.

"The boat’s back on," says mechatronics expert Sean Healey. "It's back alive... it’s got a heartbeat again."

The sailing community has jumped onboard also, particularly Emirates Team NZ, who have worked 24 hours a day to build the panel that's now fitted to the side of the boat.

"As long as it cooks and goes through its normal process, it's going to be as strong as it was or stronger than before," insists Campbell.

Says Hutchinson: "Tuesday, Wednesday, we'll get the boat back into a state of sailing and look to be out on the water. 

"Obviously, we have a hard deadline on Friday, so we'll look to get out onto the water before that."

But if they don't, Campbell's confident they'll still be OK and that they haven't lost too much ground on their competition.

"I think we really lucked out," he says. "This week's been really windy, so none of the teams have gotten out for any training either." 

But Patriot will be put to the test in the best-of-seven Prada Cup semi-final against Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, with the winners facing the in-form INEOS Team UK in a best-of-13-race series. 

The victors there will become America's Cup challengers.

"We're as confident as ever," insists Campbell.

After an emotional seven days, American Magic has a boat-load of belief... that doesn't have a hole in it anymore.

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