America's Cup 2021: Brothers Finn, Rufus Henry surprise heroes in Emirates Team NZ triumph

Every member of Emirates Team NZ has their special stories of success, but none more unique than grinder Finn Henry.

Initially brought into the team two years ago to help build Te Rehutai, the 27-year-old earned his place on board, crossing off a lifelong goal.

He's certainly not the only one in the family who made his mark in the team. 

While the moment is freshly ingrained in the memory of every New Zealander, the morning after, it may be a bit hazy for Henry.

"I am a bit dusty," he tells Newshub. "I apologise for my voice."

The once-distant dream he wrote down on a piece of paper is now a reality - America's Cup winner.

"If you told me two-and-a-half years ago that would happen, I would've slapped you in the face," says Henry. "There's no way I could have believed that."

All of this would've remained "unbelievable" had he not met Team New Zealand members at a bar in 2019.

"They thought I ticked the boxes, which was miraculous, and it was an absolute dream come true for me to be in the shore crew," says Henry.

But he wasn't done there - Henry stayed behind day after day, proving his worth in the gym, and was eventually promoted to the sailing team last year.

"I realised over the last couple of weeks that I'm surrounded by just absolute legends," he says. "They're all so driven and motivated, and so good at what they do, I'm just so lucky to be a small part of that machine."

And that machine was powered by two Henrys.

Meet little brother Rufus, the unsung hero of Team New Zealand.

Rufus Henry was brought into the team to drive chase boats and deliver his pep talks to the team.

Says Rufus: "It was more like, 'Eat em up! They've got nothing!'"

Finn says: "Real good sailing fizz up!"

That 'fizz up' included leading the team out of the sheds and making sure the supporters were in full voice, all for his hero - his big bro.

"I'm just so proud, because he's my brother and all I care about is Finn getting out there, getting on the boat and getting the mahi done," says Rufus.

The mahi well and truly completed, this is just the start of Finn Henry's sailing career, with his right hand man ready for the next defence.