America's Cup 2021: Officials threaten Luna Rossa with disqualification over boundary breaches

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli have been warned of potential disqualification from America's Cup races, after Monday's second defeat to Emirates Team NZ.

Despite racing out to lead Team NZ by more than 2km, the Italian side's ambitions of a series-levelling victory were quashed, when they fell off the foils in light winds on Course E.

And as the Kiwis rapidly ate into the Italian lead, Luna Rossa appeared to disregard course boundaries in the search of a breeze that would allow them to get back to racing at full speed.

As a result, they were penalised on three separate occasions, at one point sailing more than 200 metres outside the boundary.

Regatta director Iain Murray insists officials were lenient towards the Italians.

"[They] probably erred on the generous side, in not disqualifying them for going out that distance," Murray says. "Blatantly going out in that desperation to get up on the foils.

"They went a long way off the course. I think the umpires are letting them know that was probably a generous outcome yesterday. 

"It's not defined, but the boundaries are the boundaries."

Disqualified or not, the end result was the same, as Team NZ stormed out to win the race by 3m 55s, taking a 5-3 series lead in the race to seven wins.

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