America's Cup 2021: Talk is cheap as Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa prepare to walk the walk

Despite being the overwhelming favourite to retain the 'Auld Mug', Team New Zealand's denied hitting 60 knots in training 

The America's Cup defenders have completely overhauled their boat since the last time they raced, changing the mast, sails, rudder and foils.

Te Rehutai is primed and preened to what TNZ say is as close to perfection as they can get her.

"No I don't have any regrets on the decisions we've made along the way," says helmsman Peter Burling.

The main decision? - the foils - Team New Zealand's are 30 percent smaller than Luna Rossa - effectively making them faster, but also more unstable.

It's a trade-off no one will know has paid off until racing gets underway. 

But one thing is guaranteed - both teams will be ultra-aggressive.  

"Now we will see a real ding dong.. they're confident at throwing those boats around," says America's Cup commentator Shirley Robertson.

But it was a subdued performance off water, as Peter Burling and Luna Rossa boss Max Sirena gave nothing away in the last press conference before racing starts tomorrow.

"There is a lot of pressure on both teams. I think we've got nothing to lose, so we're going to give everything," claims Sirena. 

And a veteran of 13 America's Cup's, broadcaster PJ Montgomery, says that's what makes the Italians so dangerous.

"There is nothing in sport like the first leg of the first race in the America's Cup - there's no other sporting event that competes with it." 

Montgomery says all the speculation and talk about Team New Zealand hitting 60 knots in training is just that - talk. 

"I think it's wrong to write them off."  

As for the Italians, they want to do their talking on the water when racing commences on Wednesday. 

"I'm pretty sick of it [the talk]," says Sirena. It's a side of which I don't really like of America's Cup - there's too much politics" 

But as both teams headed out to train one last time on Tuesday, they know politics and talk now counts for nothing.

The winning and losing of the cup is how they'll be defined.