The shirt and board-shorts that 'helped' New Zealand win the America's Cup

Aaron Happy in his winning outfit.
Aaron Happy in his winning outfit. Photo credit: RNZ

Many fans are still basking in the glory of Wednesday's America's Cup victory perhaps none more than uber fan Aaron Happy.

Happy by name, happy by nature, and also highly superstitious - Aaron developed a precision strategy that he reckons helped Team NZ bring the big one home.

"I wouldn't admit to that on the radio just because it can be fact-checked. But I mean in private, absolutely. I'm on number one," he told Checkpoint.

"It all goes back to Bermuda, a bit of superstition kicked in there. Getting up at exactly the same time in the morning, sitting on the exact same spot on the couch, getting up and making my coffee the exact same time. And obviously that flowed on to success.

"And then, this time when it was a bit tight, we got to that race on a Sunday and I had on a certain pair of boardies and a t-shirt, and then we charged through.

"I was like, 'oh my god this is the outfit I've got to wear now until we win the cup'.

"That was on a Sunday afternoon. The second race. We lost the first one and for whatever reason I changed my outfit," Happy said.

He could not remember why he changed between races, but nonetheless, Team NZ won the second race.

"So I took that as a sign. That was Sunday afternoon's race, and then I just wore it through.

"But we got to Tuesday night and it was, 'right we need to do something about this, because the outfit is now starting to stand up by itself'."

Board-shorts and a t-shirt was all Aaron wore for those days.

"No undergarments because it was just board-shorts - I'm ready for the beach at any stage."

By Tuesday he got the sense things were getting rather whiffy.

"You know when you when you walk into a room and people are looking at you, like: 'Is he wearing the same clothes again?' - I felt a need to explain myself.

"I said to my partner, 'we need to wash this kit but it needs to be ready for the morning'. So on the Wednesday morning it was still a little bit damp, but I chucked in on and wore it anyway."

Happy has a boat, but he was so committed to keeping routine for the good of Team NZ, he felt if he changed it, he would potentially jinx the race.

"It's all madness and I'm happy for someone to diagnose me, but that was my thought process."

Now Happy is looking at getting an Emirates Team NZ tattoo, after his daughter reminded him of a pledge he made if they won the Auld Mug.