Birmingham Commonwealth Games: Boxing

  • 01/01/2022

Boxing is one of the original sports of the Commonwealth Games and has featured in every edition, since Hamilton 1930.

Dominated by England, with 128 medals and 60 gold, it has provided a happy hunting ground for African nations, with Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda all enjoying success.

Women's boxing was introduced to the programme at Glasgow 2014.

New Zealand has won 37 medals and eight gold, but unfortunately, David Nyika won't have a chance to create a unique slice of history, by attempting to win his third straight gold medal, after light-heavyweight success at Glasgow and heavyweight triumph at Gold Coast 2018.

He has already embarked on his professional career and suffered a hand injury that saw him withdraw from Birmingham.

Former Commonwealth Games champion Jimmy Peau fighting professionally
Former Commonwealth Games champion Jimmy Peau fighting professionally. Photo credit: Photosport

Gold Coast bronze medallist Troy Garton will return, hoping to improve her standing in the women's lightweight class.

Many of our past medallists as amateurs have already gone on to professional careers, including Jimmy Peau (aka Jimmy Thunder) and Shane Cameron, trainer Kevin Barry and referee Lance Revill.

NZ Team

Onyx Lye (light-heavyweight 80kg), Uila Mau'u (super-heavyweight 92+kg), Alex Mukuka (featherweight 57kg), Emile Richardson (middleweight U75kg), Wendell Stanley (light-middleweight 71kg)

Troy Garton (lightweight 60kg), Ariane Nicholson (light-middleweight 70kg), Erin Walsh (featherweight 57kg)

NZ Medals

Gold (7) - Frank Creagh (heavyweight 1950), Wallace Coe (welterweight 1962), Bill Kini (heayvweight 1966), Jimmy Peau (heavyweight 1986), Michael Kenny (super-heavyweight 1990), David Nyika (light-heavyweight 2014), David Nyika (heavyweight 2018)

Silver (6) - Darcy Heeney (welterweight 1938), James Beal (middleweight 1950), Christopher Rollinson (light-heavyweight 1950), Bill Kini (heavyweight 1962), William Byrne (light-heavyweight 1974), David Light (heavyweight 2014)

Bronze (24) - Kenneth Moran (featherweight 1938), Jim Barnden (lightweight 1950), Paddy Donovan (lightweight 1958), Paddy Donovan (lightweight 1962), Turori George (featherweight 1962), Brian Kendall (bantamweight 1966), Robert Colley (lightweight 1974), Lance Revill (light-middleweight 1974), Les Rackley (middleweight 1974), George Stankovich (heavyweight 1978), Kevin Barry (light-heavyweight 1982), Johnny Wallace (featherweight 1986), Nigel Anderson (light-heavyweight 1990), Andrew Creery (light-middleweight 1990), Kalolo Fiaui (lightweight 1994), Trevor Shailer (light-welterweight 1998), Garth da Silva (heavyweight 1998), Shane Cameron (heavyweight 2002), Danny Codling (welterweight 2002), Tamsyn Benny (light-flyweight 2018), Alexis Pritchard (featherweight 2018), Troy Garton (lightweight 2018), Patrick Mailata (super-heavyweight 2018)