Birmingham Commonwealth Games: Weightlifting

  • 01/01/2022

Weightlifting made its Commonwealth Games debut at Auckland 1950 and has since become a core sport on the programme.

Between 1990 and 2002, individual medals were awarded for clean & jerk, snatch and combined total, but all other years, just the total.

New Zealand has enjoyed considerable success over the years and ranks sixth in gold medals with 12, primarily in the heavier men's divisions. Weightlifting is also our sixth-most successful sport in terms of medals, after athletics, cycling, swimming, shooting and bowls.

Among the previous Games champions is current NZ chef de mission Nigel Avery, who struck gold and silver at Manchester 2002, and bronze at Kuala Lumpur 1998.

Four years ago, David Liti captured gold in the 105kg+ class and will return to Birmingham to defend his crown in a 109kg+ category. 

NZ Team

David Liti (109+kg), Cameron McTaggart (81kg), Koale Junior Tasi Taala (109kg*), Vester Villalon (73kg)

Emma McIntyre (64kg), Megan Signal (71kg), Hayley Whiting (87kg)

Nigel Avery in action at the 2000 Sydney Olympics
Nigel Avery in action at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Photo credit: Photosport

NZ Medals

Gold (12) - Harold Cleghorn (heavyweight 1950), Don Oliver (heavyweight 1966), Tony Ebert (middleweight 1974), Graham May (super-heavyweight 1970), Precious McKenzie (bantamweight 1978), David Liddel (105kg+ clean & jerk, snatch & total), Nigel Avery (105kg+ clean & jerk, total 2002), Richie Patterson (85kg 2014), David Liti (105kg+ 2018)

Silver (12) - Tony George (middleweight 1950), Don Oliver (heavyweight 1962), John Bolton (light-heavyweight 1970), Tony Ebert (middleweight 1970), Brian Marsden (middle-heavyweight 1974), John Bolton (heavyweight 1974), Clayton Chelley (bantamweight 1986), Nigel Avery (105kg+ snatch 2002), Olivia Baker (75kg+ snatch 2002), Richie Patterson (85kg 2010), Stanislav Chalaev (105kg 2010), Stanislav Chalaev (105kg 2014)  

Bronze (16) - Tony George (light-heavyweight 1954), Harold Cleghorn (heavyweight 1954), Bruce Cameron (lightweight 1970), Brian Duffy (featherweight 1974), Bruce Cameron (lightweight 1974), Rory Barrett (heavyweight 1974), Brian Marsden (middle-heavyweight 1978), Phillip Sue (lightweight 1978), Murray Avery (heavyweight 1978), Nigel Avery (105kg snatch & total 1998), Olivia Baker (75kg+ clean & jerk, total 2002), Terry Hughes (62kg clean & jerk, total 2002), Keisha-Dean Soffe (75kg+ 2006), Tracey Lambrechs (75kg+ 2014)