Birmingham Commonwealth Games: Hamish Kerr at forefront of NZ's track and field success

Kiwi Hamish Kerr has made history for New Zealand, claiming the first men's high jump medal at the Commonwealth Games, and a gold one at that.

It was a great day all-round for the Kiwis in track and field, with shot-putter Maddi Wesche claiming bronze, and Zoe Hobbs racing in the 100 metre final.

Birmingham Commonwealth Games: Hamish Kerr at forefront of NZ's track and field success

Whoever said Kiwis can't fly, probably didn't think they show emotion either. 

"The real flying Kiwi is back," Kerr said after his victory, with much of it a blur.

"Once I take off, I wake up and I'm on the mat and the bar is up or the bar is down, and the rest just moves on I suppose."

Kerr jumped a clean card before crunch time. Those first attempts worth their weight in gold, and as it turns out, kangaroos have nothing on Kiwis, with Brendon Starc missing his third attempt.

Winning a gold medal is nothing to Kerr without his parents.

"We were incredibly nervous and we were incredibly relieved now and very very proud, he is wonderful," father Andrew Kerr said.

Meanwhile, the silver fern was also shining bright for shot putter Maddi Wesche, and her signature sunglasses.

Stepping into the circle Dame Valerie Adams left behind, she was bold and she was bronze. 

Not since New Zealand last hosted the Games in Auckland have Kiwis enjoyed such success, but these games are about more than just medals.

It is also the first time since 1990 that a Kiwi woman has qualified for the 100m sprint final at a Commonwealth Games.

Zoe Hobbs is now in an exclusive club, and the sixth fastest woman in the Commonwealth, and on top of the world.

"To be at my childhood dream place and running in a final," she said.

Kerr is already dreaming of playing golf with friend Tom Walsh, once the shot putter has completed his campaign. 

By then, they might have more in common than just golf, but with gold.

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