Does Andrew Little have his campaign chair's support?

  • 31/07/2017

While deputy Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says she gives Andrew Little her "absolute support," it appears not all in the party might not be quite so staunch.

Ms Ardern is backing Mr Little to stay on as Leader, telling Newshub on Monday afternoon, "I'm his deputy, I'm ready to work alongside him to take us through to the election".

Housing and Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford however, did not put things in such black and white terms.

When asked by Newshub if he could confirm he will support Andrew through the election, Mr Twyford replied with a message that perhaps said so much more than its mere 13 words.

"I will continue to support Andrew  as long as he is the leader," he told Newshub.

Does Andrew Little have his campaign chair's support?

It comes after Mr Little admitted he'd spoken to senior Labour MPs about whether he should resign, with the party struggling in the polls.

Ms Ardern insists that Little is "commited" to carry them through.

"Our caucus supports Andrew and we're ready to work alongside him to take us to the election."

She said the polls aren't gospel. 

"Nothing is clear cut at this point. We have voters who are definitely undecided and there is no clear majority there. This is going to be an incredibly interesting election."

She added the party will be rolling out new policies and ideas in the lead up to the election.

"What you can absolutely expect is that what we roll out in the next eight weeks are policy ideas that tackle head-on issues that we know exist.

"We will have new ideas that come out as we go along but they will always be consistent and always be focused on the things that Labour values and those are things like health, housing, education. But voters will see that in the fullness of time."