National's election signs perfect Photoshop opp

'Delivering for New Zealanders'
'Delivering for New Zealanders' Photo credit: Nathaniel Watson/Supplied

The wet weather is bad news for political parties this weekend. 

They've had the double whammy of 1) putting up the first election hoardings in the pouring winter rain, and 2) people who are good at Photoshop and Twitter hot takes having a whole rainy Saturday to rip the hoardings apart.

The National Party's 'delivering for New Zealanders' slogan offers up plenty of options. 

The slogan begs the question, 'Delivering what?' National would say a stable economy and tax cuts. But many on Twitter took the opportunity to say National's delivering poverty and unaffordable housing instead. 

"Delivered Poverty-stricken PEOPLE devided us between rich and poor Delivered more taxes more price rises on groceries petrol rent illness," tweeted Bob Blair. 

"Delivering misery and hopelessness for thousands of New Zealanders while they steal the country's riches," tweeted author Mandy Hager.

But hands-down the best take on National's election hoarding has to go to Nathaniel Watson. Watson (@nathanielnw on Twitter) offered up an incredible work of graphic design satire, tweeting out a somewhat altered image of Bill English as a Domino's pizza delivery person. 

Spaghetti pizza en route.
Spaghetti pizza en route. Photo credit: Nathaniel Watson/Supplied

It's almost meant to be - pizza and Bill English are forever entwined in the nation's mind ever since that spaghetti on pizza incident. And then there's that blue on blue match. 

Whatever you have to say about this year's election hoardings, you can't accuse them of being uninspiring.

Oh, wait.