ACT promises 600,000 new homes on Auckland outskirts

ACT promises 600,000 new homes on Auckland outskirts
Photo credit: Newshub.

David Seymour has announced ACT's housing policy - abolish the urban-rural boundary and free up land for 600,000 new houses.

The party acknowledged the strain of the housing market on New Zealanders, saying the cost of housing "is the single largest cause of poverty, inequality, and sickness in Auckland and beyond".

They say the solution lies in freeing up land on the outskirts of the city.

"ACT would cut red tape to allow, at a minimum, 600,000 new homes in areas like Waitakere, Karaka, and Clevedon," Mr Seymour said on Sunday.

"This will allow homebuilding on an epic scale, restoring per-capita building rates to what we achieved in the '70s."

ACT's diagram of their extended residential zoning.
ACT's diagram of their extended residential zoning. Photo credit: Supplied

ACT's numbers are based on the assumption new homes would be built at the same density as Hobsonville Point - 27 homes per hectare - on a third of the land in the expanded residential zone.

Housing at Hobsonville Point.
Housing at Hobsonville Point. Photo credit:

Infrastructure required for intensified housing outside the urban rural boundary would be funded by sharing GST on construction with councils.

Mr Seymour also wants the Resource Management Act replaced with a law requiring councils to free up land as the population increases.  

ACT's housing policy was released at the same time as Mr Seymour's new book - Own Your Future.

In the first chapter of his book, which was provided to media, Mr Seymour compares the Government's housing controls to famine caused by communist control over the production of food.

"In communist countries where the Government controlled food production people starved by the million. Today the Government controls the supply of land and infrastructure so we're suffering a shortage of houses," Mr Seymour wrote.