Bill English on text messages to Glenys Dickson - 'I don't have to tell you'

Bill English says he's answered "all the questions" about the hundreds of text messages he sent to the woman at the centre of the Todd Barclay scandal.

The Prime Minister sent 450 texts to Glenys Dickson in the months surrounding her resignation, despite claiming he had no knowledge of what was going on in his former electorate office, now occupied by Mr Barclay.

Dozens were sent on the day she quit, and just as many in the following week.

He told The AM Show on Monday he had "no official role" in the employment dispute, which led to Mr Barclay's decision to not seek re-election in September.

"The texts were just communication between myself and someone who used to work for me," he said.

AM Show host Duncan Garner repeatedly asked him what was in the texts, and Mr English refused to say.

"I don't have to tell you what I was discussing." 

Mr English has been accused of lying, after initially saying he couldn't recall anything about Mr Barclay's secret recordings of his staff members. He later admitted not only did he know about them, he had spoken to police on the matter.

Mr Barclay has also been accused of lying, denying the recordings existed before stepping down as a candidate in disgrace after Mr English said Mr Barclay had told him about the recordings.

He did not resign, and continues to be paid by the taxpayer.