Decision 17: Bill English puts hand up for leadership during destruction of Earth

  • 30/08/2017

National Party leader Bill English appeared on Three's The Project on Wednesday, and put his dry humour to good use.

Mr English tackled the role of guest host with his Southland wit.

"Just call me Bill," he said, smiling.

"I have to - for the next three or four weeks - earn the title of Prime Minister."

But while Mr English is campaigning hard for the top job, it could all be for nothing.

Drawing on bible verses, and the pyramids of Egypt, Christian numerologist David Meade is predicting a mythical "Planet-X" will appear and smash into Earth - on September 23rd.

Mr English is unfazed by the coming apocalypse.

"If a celestial body is going to smash into the Earth on September 23rd, who do you want in charge? Someone with experience, or someone on their first day of the job."

Host Josh Thompson said he had seen a picture of Mr English eating a pie. Jesse Mulligan asked Mr English if he has a PR person pointing out opportunities to appear "down to earth".

Mr English denied this.

"Give me some credit Jesse. Give me some credit. I like pies. You don't have to make that stuff up," he said.

He finished by showing off the depths of his pop-culture knowledge.

"When I heard the girls from Fifth Harmony might be calling it a day, I nearly held an emergency press conference," he said.

"Fortunately, it seems that was all rumour and speculation. The band is well and truly together, and heading to our shores later this year."