Decision 17: Who can work with Winston?

Both Labour and National have indicated they're happy to work with Winston Peters, but what about the minor parties?

There's a good chance neither of the two biggest parties will be able to form a Government without both New Zealand First and another smaller party.

During a debate on The Nation on Saturday, each of the minor party leaders set out their position.

ACT leader David Seymour

"That's a no."

Mr Seymour ruled out backing any Government that relies on NZ First, either in coalition or for confidence and supply.

"Winston Peters, you've had your time mate - you're this country's best Opposition politician and the worst governing politician."

The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan

"This is the year both that Peters should lose, and he should leave Parliament."

Dr Morgan doesn't want either Mr Peters or Peter Dunne. The good news, for him, is Mr Dunne has quit, deciding to retire before he could lose.

Māori Party leader Marama Fox

"The Māori seats are here to stay. The Māori language is here to stay. The Treaty of Waitangi is here to stay. It is the foundation of our nation," she said, directly into the camera as if she was talking to Mr Peters himself.

"I'm sorry you're not here, but if those are your views, then I'm happy you may not be in Parliament when we come back."

Mr Peters has called for a referendum on whether to abolish Māori seats, which the Māori Party relies on to stay in Parliament.

Green Party leader James Shaw

"I'm actually more interested in debating Bill English."

The Greens are NZ First's arch-rivals for Labour's attention. They have the advantage in that Labour has promised to call them first following the election, but based on recent polling, NZ First is more likely to have the numbers to put Labour in a position to govern.