Decision 17: Why you should bother to vote

"Politics is boring."

"I just can't be bothered."

"What's the point?"

If you've ever whined those words to friends in the lead-up to an election, or even this election, then stop.

Three's The Project is presenting an election series that's for you.

Hosted by Kiwi comedian Ben Hurley, 'Election for Normies' gives regular people off the street the lowdown on why and how they should vote in this year's election.

 'Why should I vote?' is a question that seems to be asked by many. At last election, 700,000 Kiwis chose not to vote, meaning only 77 percent of us actually voted.

But if you work, are unemployed, pay tax, dodge tax, use hospitals or schools, bike, drive, walk, swim in or drink our water, you should care about what happens in this election. 

Watch the full video to find out more.

The Project airs 7pm weeknights on Three.