Decision 2017: Alternative voting methods for the lazy and apathetic

It's notoriously hard to get Kiwis out to the ballot box.

The last general election in 2014 saw only 77.9 percent of those enrolled come out to vote.

The election before that was even worse, with voter turnout sitting at 74.2 percent - the lowest it's been since 1978.

So what is it about the democratic process that keeps Kiwis at home on Election Day?

A 2014 study commissioned by the Electoral Commission, which looked at voter and non-voter satisfaction, found the main reason for the lack of voter turnout was due to voters being unable to make it to the ballot box.

Participants stated this was due to work, religious commitments or lack of transport.

The second most popular answer was "a lack of interest in voting".

Clearly for some of the population the democratic process needs a revamp.

So we put our heads together and came up with five alternative ways to cast your vote.

Then, in the spirit the ancient Athenians, we hit the streets of Auckland to put our radical rethink of the cornerstone of Western society to voters and non-voters alike.

Watch the video.