Government achieving while Labour 'rearranges' - Bill English

  • 07/08/2017
Prime Minister Bill English
Prime Minister Bill English Photo credit: Getty, file

Prime Minister Bill English is contrasting the government's achievements with Labour's "rearranging".

Speaking at his first post-cabinet press conference since Jacinda Ardern became Labour's leader, Mr English said good government was about getting results.

It's the line he's expected to continue to take when the campaign gets underway.

"While the opposition has been rearranging themselves and replacing their billboards, we've been getting on with the decisions that make a difference to New Zealanders' lives," he said.

"That's reflected in the latest advice from the international credit rating agency Moody's - it expects New Zealand to be one of the fastest-growing triple A economies in the coming years."

Ms Ardern has made an impressive start to her new career as opposition leader, and the government has been looking for ways to counter that.

Mr English has apparently decided the way to go is to keep spelling out the government's achievements and emphasise that it is getting on with the job while Ms Ardern pushes her message that she's determined to make New Zealand a better place.