Harawira, Fox don't care how much feeding the kids costs

Hone Harawira and Marama Fox have found common ground, both saying they don't care what it costs to feed hungry Kiwi kids.

Appearing on The Nation's minor parties leaders' debate on Saturday morning, Mana leader Mr Harawira said it was time to "stop thinking of things in terms of the cost".

"Feed the kids. Are you asking me to put a value on that, a price on that? Is that what this society wants, to say let's keep our troops in Afghanistan and never mind the kids?

"Seriously, we've got to think about the basics in life. Feeding the kids is not about how much does it cost - it's about recognising that it's our responsibility as a society to ensure that those most vulnerable are well looked-after."

Ms Fox, co-leader of the Māori Party, said she didn't care how much tax revenue the Government would lose by taking GST off healthy food, like vegetables and fruit.

"It is about saving the lives of our children. I don't care how much it costs, just quietly. Take GST off healthy produce food. That is the priority."

She says the PREFU earlier this week showed billions in surplus.

"Put it with the children. Save their lives… there's enough money there. Do it, make it happen."

The two parties' policies didn't impress ACT leader David Seymour.

"None of these guys know what any of their policies cost, and that's the problem all socialists have. They eventually run out of other people's money."

His comments drew a strong rebuke from both the Greens and TOP's Gareth Morgan.

"We've costed all of our policies and we get them externally verified by economic agencies," said James Shaw.

"I actually know a little a bit about economics and tax, right?" said Dr Morgan, an economist by trade.

"The problem with Seymour, right, is that all tax is theft. This is a neo-lib in raw form here - he's pulling up the ladder, the rest of you can get stuffed.

"That is David Seymour, that is what you're dealing with and that's why he's 0.6 [percent in the polls], going to zero."

Watch the clip above, and the debate live here.