Jacinda Ardern's goal: End child poverty

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has used the Labour Party campaign launch to lay out her goal of ending child poverty in New Zealand.

Labour would start by officially measuring child poverty and passing a law forcing the Government to publish the numbers every Budget.

There's currently no official government measure for child poverty.

In her speech to a packed Auckland Town Hall on Sunday, Ms Ardern promised to amend the Public Finance Act "so that every Budget, you don't just hear about surpluses and deficits, you will hear about how many kids we have lifted out of poverty".

She said progress on climate change and the regions would also be shared with the public.

"Because when we hold ourselves to account, you can hold us to account," she said.

Ms Ardern was cheered widely, and looking on from the front of the crowd - a full house - was former Prime Minister Helen Clark.


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