Jacinda Ardern's first order: No more 'fresh approach'

Young voters have turned out in force, lining up outside Parliament to meet the new Labour leader.

It's one example of the "Jacinda Effect", which has the potential to cause a 'youth-quake' by inspiring a big turnout of young voters.

"If I can turn out just a handful of people who wouldn't otherwise have shown up, I'll be pleased with that," Ms Ardern told Newshub.

The changes are coming. The billboards obviously have to go, but Ms Ardern's getting rid of more than just the photos.

She may be the freshest leader there is, but the slogan is getting the axe.

"Fresh approach is gone," Ms Ardern said.

Labour said 1000 people have signed up as volunteers since Ms Ardern took over the leadership role.

And the Jacinda Effect has a monetary value too.

In just 24 hours, Labour has had $170,000 online donations and $100,000 offline donations for a total of $270,000 - all in small amounts.

"I feel a huge responsibility from that, that's people digging into their back pocket and giving their hard earned cash," Ms Ardern said.