Kelvin Davis lets rip into senior Nats

Labour Party deputy leader Kelvin Davis.
Labour Party deputy leader Kelvin Davis. Photo credit: The Nation.

Kelvin Davis has unleashed a string of insults aimed at senior members of the National Party, including labelling one the "doctor of death" and comparing Paula Bennett to '70s Kiwi icon Lynn of Tawa.

In a Sunday morning TV appearance, the Labour Party's new deputy leader said Prime Minister Bill English has the personality of a rock and the National Party are as dry as dandruff, but half as appealing - and he was only getting started.

Rattling off the insults, Mr Davis got through a full seven ministers before he was interrupted by Q&A's Jessica Mutch.

Mr Davis was saying the vibe and election have changed since 'the Jacinda effect' took hold.

"We all know about the Jacinda effect - pure optimism… If we look over the side there we see a Prime Minister with the personality of a rock. We've got the Jacinda effect and then we've got Paula Bennett, who's mastered the Lynn of Tawa effect.

"We've got Jonathan Coleman, the doctor of death, we've got Steven Joyce, who's as authentic as a $4 Rolex, we've got Gerry Brownlee, who's got the energy of a small hill, we've got Simon Bridges, the only person under 80 who still buys Bryl, and we've got Judith Collins - look, her stare caused that ice shelf in Antarctica to crack off and float away."

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At that point, he was stopped in his tracks by Mutch, who said he was being "a little bit unfair".

Appearing alongside Mr Davis, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern added: "We've got Kelvin Davis, the free speaker."

The unleashing comes after Paula Bennett told The Nation she believes Ms Ardern lacks two key things Prime Minister Bill English has - substance and "the kind of brain to pull this country together".

Ms Bennett said Ms Ardern has "got strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others that we all do, but we definitely take anyone that's leading an Opposition party seriously".