Kim Dotcom back on the campaign trail for the Internet Party

  • 19/08/2017

Kim Dotcom has kept a low profile this election campaign, but will make an appearance at the Internet Party's #AntiSpyBill event on Sunday night.

It'll take place online at 8pm, broadcast via YouTube and Facebook.

"In the age of fake news, the truth is more valuable than ever," said Internet Party leader Suzie Dawson, currently living in Russia because she believes she has been targeted by New Zealand and US intelligence agencies over her reporting and involvement in campaigns against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the GCSB.

"The response to our last #AntiSpyBill event was phenomenal, with millions of Twitter impressions and tens of thousands of views. The public has voted with their voices and clicks - truth matters and that is precisely what the Internet Party will continue to dish up in spades."

Dotcom will appear, as will former CIA agent John Kiriakou, who was jailed for two years after passing classified information to a reporter.

The Internet Party wants to crowdsource new spying laws, Ms Dawson saying Kiwi spies have "engaged in some of the most egregious conduct imaginable".

Dotcom founded and funded the Internet Party before the 2014 election, teaming up with Hone Harawira's Mana Party in a gamble that backfired spectacularly - Mr Harawira losing his electorate seat and neither party getting into Parliament.

The Internet Party has yet to reveal who its candidates will be for this election.