Labour would charge tourists $25 entry levy

The Labour Party would charge international visitors to New Zealand a $25 tax to go into an infrastructure and conservation fund - on top of the current $22 fee.

The party estimates the tax would raise $75m a year - with $45m of the funding going toward infrastructure and $30m going toward "protecting and enhancing our natural environment."

It says the Department of Conservation and district councils receive a fraction of the financial benefits of tourism and councils are struggling to fund the infrastructure needed to support tourists.

The $45m tourism industry boost would be divvied up, with 60 percent going toward infrastructure projects, 20 percent toward training and 20 percent to support high demand areas Queenstown.

The announcement is very similar to the Green Party's taonga levy, which would be a $20 increase on border charges - making it $50 to visit New Zealand.

It's one of a few Green-like policies released by Labour recently. Labour released Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga rail plans and Auckland Airport rail policy after the Greens made similar announcements.

The Greens would split the revenue 75:25 between conservation and tourism.

On Friday, National announced plans to increase fees for tourists doing New Zealand's Great Walks.